5 Swimming Pool Energy Saving Tips
09 Jun 2016

5 Swimming Pool Energy Saving Tips

I know what you’re thinking: I paid for the pool,

09 Jun 2016

I know what you’re thinking: I paid for the pool, I paid for the pool water, now you mean to tell me I have to pay to keep the pool running?

I know, I know, but over the years I’ve learned a few tips on how to save money and energy that have cut my bills in half. I decided to make a list of these swimming pool energy saving tips and share them.  Stop energy bills from killing your wallet. Check them out:

1) Turn it off when you’re not using it. You would not believe how many people unnecessarily warm their pool and leave pumps running for hours. If you only use your pool on the weekends then turn it down 8-10 degrees during the week. Also be sure to turn off your heater when leaving for vacation. New controller systems have  programs that automatically shut off pumps and lights after a set period of time. This saves energy and life of equipment.

2) Use a pool cover. You may be thinking, “Ugh pool covers are so ugly” but this is far from true. There are plenty of pool covers out there that look good and will reduce your heat loss by 50-70%. Keep your eyes peeled for another article about partial pool covers.

3) Change your filtration schedule. Reduce how often and how fast you run your filter to reduce energy usage. You should also try to set your filtration system to run while energy demand and prices are lower; this typically falls between 8pm and 10am.

4) Reduce your thermostat to 78 degrees. 78 degrees is the most healthful swimming temperature according to Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and the American Red Cross. This temperature will not only make you healthier, but also save you energy and money if you reduce the temperature.

5) Upgrade your system. Now if you just recently built your pool then your system is probably up-to-date, but if your pool is over 5 years old then you should look into upgrading. A more efficient gas heater or possibly upgrading from a gas heater to a pool heat pump, a new variable speed pump, and LED pool and spa lights are just a few of the upgrades you can make. Undoubtedly, these will cost you money upfront, but in the long run they will save you money and be well worth the investment.

By far the easiest way to save energy is to update your pool to the newest equipment. However, this is also the most intimidating method as it will cost you more upfront. If you are interested in saving energy in other ways than making simple adjustments and buying a pool cover will help. You may not see major changes in your monthly bill, but you are sure to save a good deal of money over time.

Cheers, JZ

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Swimming Pool Energy Saving Tips

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