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Pool Remodeling Experts – The Benefits of Remodeling

Sunset completes as many pool remodels as we build new pools. We only do comprehensive remodels, from top to bottom, to eliminate all existing issues.

We are always excited when a pool remodel is complete and the transformation is amazing! We are equally excited to complete this video about pool remodels. We think it is very compelling to see the results.

Benefits of Remodeling:

  • Wow Factor – An outstanding design
  • Save Money – More efficient equipment
  • Add a Spa – Gets more use than the pool year round
  • Enhance the Aesthetics – Update Your pool with modern designs and materials

Must Do Work:

  • Demolition – plaster, tile, coping, decking, equipment and other debris
  • New Mechanical – plumbing, electrical, gas, drains and controls
  • New Features – plaster, tile, coping, decking equipment and much more

Optional Features:

  • Elevate and modify pool shape in many ways
  • Add spa to pool
  • Add water feature to pool or spa
  • Outdoor cook or beverage center
  • Landscaping and low volt lighting
  • Outdoor sound systems

Turn your yard into an ‘Outdoor Oasis’ with help from Sunset Designers & Builders, the top swimming pool remodeling company in the Rossmoor and Los Alamitos area. Many pools were built from the 1950s through the 1990s causing most of these older pools to be very tired and worn out. Sunset Designers & Builders can perform a complete facelift with new infrastructure and modern design. This not only increases the functionality of the pool and/or spa, it also improves the aesthetic beauty and saves you money with modern, efficient equipment. Whether a ground level or an elevated design, remodeling a pool is one of the best improvements you can make to your home.


StayCation! Truck Wrap ☀️

We are very excited about our new utility truck.

Why not wrap it with our concepts of “Outdoor Living” and “StayCation!”

What do you think?

Iconography did a fabulous job from beginning to end on the project. Their design and layouts made our messaging look great even with the challenge of doors and handles. We highly recommend them and their team.


Enjoying Your Sunset StayCation! 🥽🏊👙☀️

So Thankful Sunset Clients Are Enjoying Their Elevated Outdoor Living!

Wow! How great are these home videos showcasing families enjoying their Sunset Staycation!? We are touched to see so many smiles and fun times captured. Our Sunset Clients are a Family to us and we appreciate providing years of enjoyment to each of our clients.

Cheers and watch the Video!

How are you enjoying your StayCation!?

Respond and let us know!

StayCation Chores – Repairing Mosaic Sun ☀️

Having Fun and Getting Things Done!

My mosaic sun has been losing a few tile and I knew this was a good time for a fire. A few tiles turned into a frontal lobotomy! Glad to have this chore done and she looks fantastic!

Are you thirsty now too? I sure am!

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50/50 🥤

Experimenting with cocktails during a StayCation and be fun.

I’ve been trying to utilize ingredients that I have or in this case Nate’s neighbor gave me. White grapefruit is amazing with full grapefruit flavor and less sweet than a Ruby Grapefruit. Vodka and some Soda Water make this a winner on a warm afternoon!!!

Are you thirsty now too?

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Dirty Martini with a Dance 🍸💃🕺

Have a little fun during StayCation?

In quarantine there are things my wife Alyson and I really miss. A favorite is dressing up, going Ballroom dancing and sipping on a Martini.

We had a lot of fun filming this and hope you get a kick out of it. Funny thing is our kids never saw Wayne’s World so that part went over their heads!!! Did you get the throwback?

Dress up, Dance away and Drink a Martini!!!

“In 1901, New York bartender John O’Connor found inspiration for the Dirty Martini in the classic Martini’s famous olive garnish. First made by muddling the olive into the drink, and later by adding a splash of olive brine, the Dirty Martini took decades to reach a wide fan base. Today, it’s the go-to sipper for salt-craving drinkers.”~liquor.com


Have you made/tried a dirty martini? Now is the time?


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Solar Lily Pads Rock! ☀️🌡️🏊

How warm is your pool? Are you benefiting from the warming sun?


Who wouldn’t want to benefit from a simple concept? Solar lily pads are so much easier to put on and take off than a full solar blanket and still give tremendous benefits:

  • Increase temperature of water 5- 10 degrees
  • Decrease evaporation
  • Less debris into pool


Check out the video below to see how easy it really is!!!



Have you used solar lily pads on your pool? Do you want to?

Comment and let us know!

Sourkraut Saute & Tanhito 🥘🍹

Watch JZ share his simple and tasty cocktail and a saute lunch recipe.

In this edition, JZ pours a “Tanhito” which is a sweet & sour homegrown Kumquat muddled with Mint on ice floated with White Rum and Club Soda. Simple and refreshing! Don’t worry about the “5-Second Rule,” right?

JZ also makes a simple StayCation lunch with Spicy Cilantro Kraut with Red Onion and Canadian Bacon. Season with Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and a squirt of Spicy Dijon Mustard. Thanks to Fermentation Farm in Costa Mesa for the Cilantro Spicy Kraut! Healthy Gut is a Healthy Life!