Communication is Key

Communication Key

Here at Sunset we believe we truly excel at one thing: communication. This is not to take away from our pool design and craftsmanship, but rather we just believe that our communication is what sets us apart – and our clients have said the same. Below are two reviews left on our Yelp and Houzz pages from our previous clients, and you can clearly see both emphasized our communication skills.

Yelp Review Jan Faiola

Sunset Houzz Heather McNeillWhy do we focus so heavily on communication?

It’s simple – we care about the customer experience. Buying a pool is not like buying a house because, while both are large investments which people put a lot of time and effort into, a pool is not a one-step transaction. A pool is an ongoing process like building a house in which the customer wants to be kept in the loop about what is happening and what the timeline looks like for the future. How would you feel if your contractor building your house just decided not to contact you for a week straight? You would feel nervous and frustrated because you have no idea what is happening inside your house that you are paying a large amount of money for. It is for this reason that we place such a high emphasis on communication because we have been in that position of being the customer. We understand that the customer wants to be the first person notified when something happens and wants to be constantly informed regarding the status of their pool and outdoor living space.

What do we do differently?

Every day we email our clients telling them what we did the day prior and what will be occurring in the upcoming days. These email updates help the client ensure that we are on track and working productively. This way the client can contact us if they are confused about some part of the process or can be there when anything important is happening. This daily communication may seem like a small thing, but we think it really goes a long way in crafting the strong customer relations that we desire.

So why does this all matter?

Well for one we think these reviews can be great takeaways for every aspect of life. Whether it be with your family, friends, or work, communication is truly the most important thing. People always say the small things matter the most and communication is one of those. It may only take us a few minutes every day to update our customers, but these few minutes end up transforming their experience and making it much more relaxing. We hope that you can learn from this and focus on communication with everyone around you – you may just be surprised at the benefits it will bring.

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