Cost Variation in Swimming Pool Construction

Building a swimming pool is no minor thing; thus, when you decide to build a swimming pool you want to ensure you have all the facts about the unique features of pools and the costs that come with them. This post is written to educate customers on what elements of swimming pool construction add additional costs, so as to guarantee that clients avoid hidden fees and truly get the most out of their money.

pool tileQuality of Building Materials

The most important cost factor in your pool is the materials you decide upon. Porcelain tiles look incredible, but they come at a price. Vinyl can be cheaper than concrete or other materials, but your design flexibility and visual aesthetic capabilities are limited with vinyl. The same goes with coping and all the other materials that go into a pool. There will always be materials more expensive than others, but, more often than not, these higher prices will come with greater benefits.


A spa and a water feature are nice additions to a pool, but they don’t come for free. These days there are innovative technologies that allow you to clean your pool more efficiently or even allow you to control your spa with your smartphone, and we believe these technologies are often worth the price. However, if you are working with a tight budget then you cannot afford to be adding all the newest technologies and every feature possible.

Craftsmanship and Expertise

Oftentimes people think that the size and materials are the only factors that change price, but this is not true. When working with someone with experience and expertise you are paying for a promise on better design and execution. Someone with 30 years of experience in the business is going to design a more beautiful pool and make sure that the project is completely in a timely and efficient manner. You may be inclined to pick the cheaper, less-experienced pool contractor, but you also need to understand that this contractor will not be able to guarantee the same product the experienced contractor can. It is this same promise of quality that causes us to shop at stores like Nordstrom’s over buying cheap products online.

Magnitude and Scope

A larger pool is going to cost more – this everyone knows. However, what most people do not know is that magnitude goes beyond simply size. Deeper pools are also more expensive because it requires more digging and excavating. Design can also play a factor as a simple circle pool will be easier and less expensive than an elaborate design that requires precise planning. In the end, these additions all require more materials, labor, and time meaning more money, so when planning a pool, you need to take magnitude and scope into consideration with regards to your budget.

Warranties and Support

Warranties can be a subtle yet important cost variation in pool building. You want to make certain that you work with a swimming pool company with longevity because your warranty is only good as long as the company you are working with is in business. It is for this reason that some warranties may be more expensive than others, but sometimes this warranty is worth the premium of making sure your pool remains functional for years to come.

In Summary

Buying a pool is like buying a car – you can buy your car with no accessories, the bare minimum, and be happy with your purchase. However, if you really want to enjoy your purchase and get the best experience out of it, then sometimes you need to add GPS, a sunroof, and a new interior. You may be happy with a simple pool that gets the job done and allows you to swim, but if you want a pool that will transform your backyard and amaze your visitors then you will likely have to spend a little extra. Pool buyers need to be wary of the cost variations mentioned in this blog to guarantee that they get an accurate and fair pricing for the pool project they are dreaming of.

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