Digital Plans with 3D Rendering
03 Nov 2014

Digital Plans with 3D Rendering

They say if you fail to plan, your plan will

03 Nov 2014
3D rendering

Kristie Nelsen, Architect

They say if you fail to plan, your plan will fail. This is really important when it comes to construction. Many of you know my Office Superintendent Nate Trimmer who has been a wealth of knowledge and support while handling things in the office, digital marketing management, corresponding with clients and helping to put together proposals/contracts. He introduced me to a wonderful young woman Kristie Nelsen (they happen to be recently cohabitating in Lakewood, congratulations to the both of you) and her talent is in architecture and digital plan development with 3D renderings. This makes plan development much easier than with pens, paper, rulers and a T-square. We are able to develop these plans digitally to allow us to make changes quickly and easily while also showing the customer how things will look in three-dimensional space
As many of you know, I like to design and build elevated pools, elevated water features, fire features and many other aspects of the design. Looking at a 2D view from above like a bird flying over doesn’t really tell you what it will look like when you are standing in the backyard. A 3D rendering allows our customers to really experience what their design will look like before the construction begins. We have a beautiful example below for you to look at and enjoy. If you are not certain about the exact plans and how it will look in 3 dimensions, let us know as we are glad to put these plans with 3D renderings together for you. Thank you Nate for introducing me to Kristie and thank you Kristie for the great work you do.

3D Rendering3D Rendering

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