Electrical Safety for Pool Owners

bad pool light

One of our previous customers emailed me an article recently regarding pool electrical safety, and I decided this would be a good question to address for all our clients. Thus, in this blog we will cover the basics of electrical pool safety and eliminate any and all fears for pool owners in regard to electrical problems.

No Need to Worry

We just want to preface this blog by reassuring our customers about the safety of their pools. Sunset Designers and Builders has been in business for over 65 years and in that time, we have never had an electrical accident. Through our experience, we have learned the correct and safe way to electrically wire pool lights and equipment, so there is no need to worry about potential electrical issues. Additionally, the advanced technology we use is designed in order to avoid accidents in any situation, so there should never be any issue with electrical. Now that you can sleep safe knowing that your children are safe swimming in a pool with electrical equipment, we should address the need to get your pool inspected every five years.

When to Get Pool Inspections

As we said, pool inspections should be conducted every five years. Electrical inspections can be conducted by licensed electricians or pool contractors to ensure your pool is properly grounded and all lighting is properly wired. Pool inspections are easy and typically go without a problem, but one can never be too safe.

How do Electrical Accidents Happen?

Electrical accidents can and do happen; however, most of these accidents only happen in older pools that were not properly wired. Faulty lighting and bar wiring are large electrical hazards, but these have never been an issue in a pool designed by Sunset Designers and Builders. Thus, all our customers should be comfortable and safe swimming in their pools, but electrical issues can be a cause for concern in older pools lacking inspection.

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