Find Your Local Professional with Houzz and Yelp


Houzz and Yelp are two excellent sources to help you find a talented local professional. Both of these sites revolve around customer reviews meaning that you can hear input from prior customers to ensure that the professional you are hiring will meet your expectations. In this post we will explain both Houzz and Yelp before then highlighting the benefits of each site and explaining how they can help you find the local professional right for the job.


yelpYelp has hundreds of millions of users per month, so most people are familiar with Yelp. However, about 40% of Yelp’s reviews are devoted to shopping and restaurants meaning that not very many people use the app for local professionals. This should not be the case though, as there are over 127 million reviews on app, about 13% of which relate to home and local services. This means that you can search for a local professional on Yelp and likely find reviews from previous customers detailing the good and the bad of each professional.  These reviews can help you be confident in your decision because professional service is almost always consistent – a professional who puts in due diligence on one job is likely to do the same on the future jobs and vice versa. Here at Sunset we are happy with our 10 reviews but some local contractors have up to 100! This goes to show that Yelp can be used for things other than finding food reviews and can help you find a local professional for any service you may need.


Houzz is another popular site similar to Yelp in that it integrates customer reviews, but it is different because professionals can create their own pages to display their products and advocate for their service. Houzz is less oriented to shopping and food services than Yelp and more focused on home improvement with profiles from all different professions. Regardless of the type of home improvement you are looking for, Houzz has you set and a simple search can lead you to professionals displaying their products with reviews to match. Sunset is proud to say we have 18 reviews on Houzz along with 2 Houzz Awards for Best Service over the past 2 years. Houzz is an excellent app for any type of home improvement and can be great motivation to help you find the right professional and get started on that home renovation you have always dreamed of.

Yelp and Houzz are two great apps that can help you find local professionals right for your job. The integration of customer reviews allows you to ensure that you will be pleased with your professional just as the previous clients were. We also encourage everyone to leave reviews more often on Yelp, Houzz, or whatever else may be. You benefit when others leave helpful reviews so why not return the favor and review something you experienced for someone else. 

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