Futuristic Swimming Pools

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We like to think of our pools as innovative considering we used the most up-to-date technology and the advanced elevated pool design, but we must admit there are some futuristic pools out there that are truly innovative. In this blog, we’ll look at some futuristic pools that look incredible and use next-level technology, and some day one of these pool designs may become the standard for pools around the world.

Disappearing Pool

We have briefly discussed disappearing pools in the past when we wrote about The History of Swimming Pools. In case you forgot, disappearing pools allow you to optimize space as the area typically reserved for your pool can be transformed into a deck or grass. This innovative technology can be a game changer for yards lacking the space to support a pool, and could gain traction in the future. However, this technology limits the customization of the pool and eliminates many traditional pool features which we love.

Natural Swimming Pool

This swimming pool type is a lot less traditional compared to what we are used to. Natural swimming pools are made with natural clear water and is meant to feel like swimming in a pond. This pool originally designed by David Pagan Butler heats via solar energy and uses no chemicals; instead, it’s cleaned by the wildlife that lives in it. This pool is a little bit too natural for us, but if this is something that intrigues you then you could possibly own a pool like this in the future.

Swimming in Space

Hotels in space are becoming a reality, and what is a hotel without a swimming pool? Swimming in space would be like swimming on Earth but ten times cooler. The waves would be larger, swimmers would be able to jump out of water like dolphins, and possibly even run on water. Everything about swimming in space sounds incredible, but swimming in space does pose a lot of problems. One of the biggest questions is, how can you get a pool filled with water without gravity? Another problem would be ensuring that you could breathe because a lack of buoyancy would mean you don’t float to the surface. Questions like these will pose design challenges in the future, but this does not mean swimming in space will be impossible.

Many of these swimming pool designs sound incredible and could change the way we experience pools, but there’s always a trade-off. Most of these designs will take a long time to catch on and become price efficient, and in the meantime, they are just economically inefficient. Until then, we will continue to make our state-of-the-art pools and innovate wherever possible – always trying to make sure our customers receive the best service and equipment on the market.

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