Pentair EasyTouch Control System Is Revolutionary
19 Feb 2015

Pentair EasyTouch Control System Is Revolutionary

The Pentair EasyTouch pool and spa control system has truly

19 Feb 2015

The Pentair EasyTouch pool and spa control system has truly revolutionized the swimming pool industry by making usage convenient for the homeowner/user.

In the past, swimming pool controllers were cumbersome, difficult to program, not reliable and had a multitude of other problems throughout the years.

Pentair bought Compool and other automated systems to integrate together as the IntelliTouch Controller. After a few years the EasyTouch was developed which allows you to control the pool, spa, boost pump, waterfall pump, pool light, spa light, yard lights, patio lights, fountains and more. You name it, it can be controlled through one simple location and you can program for time on, time off, or an egg timer which counts down. Finally, you can set up a program to have something happen once; like when you want to come home from work to find the spa hot and ready to go. They also provide a remote switch at the spa so it allows you to control your system while you’re in the spa. You can adjust the temperature or the speed of pump… you name it. Pentair has created an amazing system that makes things so much more convenient for the user. Do you remember the olden days when the equipment area was full of switches that someone had to manually adjust? You had to draw straws to see who was going to have to exit the warm spa and flip all the switches at the end of the night.


Just recently I did an equipment upgrade on a pool that was built about 15 years ago that did not have a pool and spa controller. They cringed spending the money to install the controller but after it was installed they said it has revolutionized the way they are utilizing their spa. They really weren’t using it and now they are on a much higher frequency and have enjoyed the therapeutic nature of using the spa.

We are here to help you to make sure that your system is operating properly and has some kind of a smart automation system so that you are getting the most out of your outdoor living and mostly your pool and spa.

Cheers, JZ

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