Dianthus Variegated

Dianthus Variegated

Botanical Name: Dianthus Barbatus

Commonly called sweet William, this plant typically grows 12-24” tall and features small flowers held in dense, flat-topped terminal clusters (3-5” wide). Many cultivars are available in commerce, including double-flowered forms as well as some dwarf plants (4-8” tall). Flowers come in vivid shades of red, pink, white and bicolor, sometimes with a contrasting eye, and with fringed petals that are bearded on the inside. Flowers may be fragrant, although many of the newer cultivars have no scent. Lance-shaped medium green leaves (to 4” long).

Light Needs: Partial to full sun

Water Needs: Medium

Key Feature: Colorful small flowers

Blooms: Summer, nearly year-round in frost-free climates

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