Pink Melaleuca

Pink Melaleuca

Botanical Name: Melaleuca Nesophila

This Melaleuca has a moderately fast growth rate and becomes a large shrub or small tree (to 20+ feet tall and about 12 feet wide) with bark that is thick and spongy and peels off in broad strips and branches that are twisted and sculptural; they form an asymmetrical greyish-white frame structure on which the small (3/4 inch long) bright green, elliptic to oblong-obovate leaves grow. This plant come from the Eyre District along the coast southern coast and offshore islands of the Great Australian Bight near Albany in eastern Western Australia, where it is fairly rare in habitat.
Light Needs: Partial to Full Sun

Water Needs: Low

Key Feature: Tight round 1 inch flower clusters

Blooms: Spring

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