Pool Tile Cleaning – Amazing Results Through Bead Blasting
20 Feb 2019

Pool Tile Cleaning – Amazing Results Through Bead Blasting

John: Hey Brian, we have clients that

20 Feb 2019

John: Hey Brian, we have clients that have beautiful pools with tile that looks chalky and unsightly; is this because of our hard water?

Brian: Yes John, you would be amazed how many different chemicals and elbow grease it takes for a pool service technician to keep tile looking beautiful. Calcium buildup is thanks to California hard water.

John: What else can a homeowner do?

Brain: On average a bead blasting of the tile every 3-5 years keeps the tile looking like new.

John: And what does bead blasting entail?

Brian: With Precision Pool Tile Cleaning, we simply show up with our trucks and equipment specialized in calcium removal. We first drain the pool a little, only enough to access the calcium line, then we use the correct blast material for your specific tile type. Then clean up is as easy as vacuuming to remove the spent media and refilling the pool. We apply a sealer at the discretion of the pool owner, to make it easier for removal of the calcium when in returns due to hard water.

John: Nice, sounds pretty easy. How long does an average sized pool and spa take?

Brian: Amazingly, typically half-a-day to a full day depending on the size of the pool/spa and the amount of tile in need of bead blasting. We have completed over 1,500 pool tile cleanings per year for the last 17 years; that is over 25,500 pools and counting! Check out our reviews on Yelp and the amazing Before & After photos.

Check out the Precision Pool Tile Cleaning Yelp Profile for amazing testimonials. Call 888-300-8453 to discuss your pool tile cleaning needs.

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  1. Juan Flores December 10th, 2019 1:27PM

    I have a pool in Long Beach, Ca that needs calcium removal. Thanks

  2. Juan Flores December 16th, 2019 11:16AM

    House in Long Beach, Ca, Pool is backyard