Grandkids’ Delight
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Grandkids’ Delight

We worked very hard to pack as much fun as possible for the grandkids into a small space.

“Building a pool and spa was one of the best decisions I have made. Because I love to swim and the space was not long enough for a true lap pool, I looked into the Endless Pool system. The added benefit to this system is that my grandchildren love playing in the current. John’s crews came when they said they would and were friendly and always answered my questions. Once again, deciding to build a pool was one of the best decisions I have made.” ~Priscilla Rogers

This pool has a Fastlane Swimming device to get a workout swimming against the current it makes. The original thought was a pool only; however, the addition of a spa always makes good sense. The waterfalls give this backyard a nice touch and a soothing sound.

The Challenge

The homeowner Priscilla was unsure whether to say in her home and add the pool she always wanted or to move. The home was built only 7 years prior; however, little space was left for the yard.

The Solution

Priscilla found a photo that she fell in love with. This photo was our compass to follow as we developed the design and worked on the build. We are very proud of the end result and love the stories of grandkids using the pool and spa.

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