Swimming Pool with Waterfalls

Project Description

Client: Zahn
Location: Rossmoor


This pool remodel took place at John’s home and was the breeding grounds for the “Elevated Pool.” There are many amazing features incorporated into one project.

John did all of this work on his own house for the enjoyment of his family and friends. It is still a great showpiece for prospects to see many attractive and functional features that can be done. Give John a call and he will give you a tour.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was the existing pool which was built too high for the slab floor of the home. This created several draining issues and unsightly slopping decks.

The Solution

Elevating the pool allowed John to regrade the entire yard for proper draining and to have all the benefits of an elevated pool.

  • Greater functionality – more places to sit.
  • Safer – little ones and big ones don’t fall in.
  • Increased enjoyment – swim up with the environment not down in a hole.
  • Cleaner – less leaves and other debris blow into the pool.
  • Improved beauty – give your pool the wow factor!