South Coast Supply Rocks
13 Jan 2015

South Coast Supply Rocks

South Coast Supply has been our go-to supplier for all

13 Jan 2015

3626 Cerritos Ave Los Alamitos, CA 90720 (562) 596-6666

South Coast Supply has been our go-to supplier for all types of masonry building materials for many years. By masonry material I mean stone, brick, tile, concrete and other hardscape materials we use to enhance a pool or rear/front yard.

It is interesting that South Coast Supply is here locally in Los Alamitos across from Los Alamitos High School. One of the great conveniences is that our customers can meet me at the supplier to review materials. Or they can visit on their own and obtain samples of various products that they can take home to look over.

South Coast Supply purchases materials from many sources in Southern California. When a customer finds materials at another location, I can often get South Coast Supply to bring them in at a similar or lower price than what the customer can purchase from another location. This one-stop-shop is very convenient.

Bonnie Jark has been the owner of South Coast Supply for a long time and really works hard every day at the counter, in the yard on a forklift, or even in a delivery truck when needed. My hat goes off to Bonnie for continuing to make South Coast Supply a great local vendor. I also admire Bonnie’s daughter Keri who always has a smile on her face and is always helpful. I have enjoyed working with Keri over the years. The third generation, Mia, is following in the footsteps.

Mia has had a playground behind the counter for many years. She is now off to school and a big girl. This is quite a family affair and really nice people.

Another nice thing is that they have a portion of the yard that is called β€œGarden Daze.” This section is dedicated to fountains, ceramic pots, patio furniture, BBQs and so many other components that go in your yard. I have always enjoyed wandering through Garden Daze to see what interests me.

On of my favorite projects was a mosaic sun over my outdoor fireplace. The beginning structure was a sun from Garden Daze. Check out this video showing the build process and finished product.

Hats off to South Coast Supply for doing a great job all of these years. I am looking forward to a continued working relationship.

Cheers, JZ

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