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Before and After – What a Difference!

We do as many pool remodels as we build new pools these days. All those pools built in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and on need real help.

Turn your yard into an ‘Outdoor Oasis’ with help from Sunset Designers & Builders, the top swimming pool remodeling company in the Rossmoor and Los Alamitos area. Many pools were built from the 1950s through the 1990s causing most of these older pools to be very tired and worn out.

Sunset Designers & Builders can perform a complete facelift with new infrastructure and modern design. This not only increases the functionality of the pool and/or spa, it also improves the aesthetic beauty and saves you money with modern, efficient equipment.

Whether a ground level or an elevated design, remodeling a pool is one of the best improvements you can make to your home.

Benefits of Pool Remodeling
Wow Factor – An outstanding design.
Save Money – More efficient equipment.
Add a Spa – Gets more use than the pool.
Enhance the Aesthetics – Update Your pool with modern designs and materials.


Belmont Heights Outdoor Living

When every inch counts in this neighborhood, having a double lot to accommodate a pool and patio is a real luxury. It was time to wipe the slate clean and bring it up to current times. We kept the period of the architecture in mind to make it feel like it fit, yet implemented many new technologies. See the Video Showcase


Elevated Paradise

We had a large enough yard to incorporate plenty of different elements. The pool was the key piece with a spa, firepit, BBQ, cabana, patio cover and lawn around. The flow of different spaces works well in this rear yard. See the Video Showcase

Long Beach Transformation


This job was a referral from a neighbor that Sunset was underway on a pool remodel as well. Embracing the elevated pool design really made the difference in this transformation. The addition of a spectacular water feature and gorgeous landscaping rounded out the perfection. See the Video Showcase

Elevated Pool Paradise


This pool is located in a central courtyard area of the property with the rear yard on the Country Club with a view of the golf course. It was time to breathe life back into this area with great potential. We feel the result is spectacular. See the Video Showcase

Great Gatsby Masterpiece


After a round of golf, why not take a dip in the pool or spa? This ideal location lends itself very well to entertaining. There is plenty of room for 2 to 100 plus guests. “Elevate Your Outdoor Living!” See the Video Showcase



Drought Tolerant Mediterranean Style Landscaping

Many of you who have been by home know that I am a bit fanatical about landscaping, especially drought tolerant Mediterranean style plant material. Years ago we had a front triangle planter island that had a Crepe Myrtle that was planted with the house before changing to the Mediterranean style. The house was a Rossmoor Classic bluish/grey stucco before we remodeled. When I transformed the house, I thought the Crepe Myrtle would work well as it was a mature tree but I decided against this. I started looking for something more exotic.

Bismarckia Nobilis, also known as a Madagascar Blue Palm, is a very dramatic plant with greyish/green leaves. It is very slow growing but will often reach 50 feet or more. I had a hard time finding a plant larger than very small 5 or 15 gallon containers in the local area but eventually found a 36 inch box in Chino. This was expensive and a challenge to get to my home but worth it.


We dug out the entire planter to remove the old clay and amended the soil with gypsum, sand, grow power and amended soil to top it off. The gypsum and sand help to continue breaking up the old clay in the bottom of the hole. The tree looked huge in the box and then looked small when in the ground. Now, 6 years later, it has shown tremendous growth from the original planting. Seeing this tree in person is the best way to really get a feel for how dramatic it is. If you are in Rossmoor at Rush Park driving on Silverfox, you will dead end on Blume and you can’t miss the Bismarckia Nobilis.

I have had several people stop by to see what kind of palm it is. This has also happened with our Arbutus Marinus, also known as a Strawberry Tree, near our garage which has turned out to be a masterpiece. It was one of the first planted in Rossmoor and we have seen the copy-caters plant their own. I will take this as flattery of a nice plant choice.

Cheers, JZ