The Future of Pool Heaters ♨️


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The Future of Pool Heaters ♨️

eti400Up until now, a mid-80% efficiency for a pool and spa heater was considered very good and the best you could get. However, the ETi 400 is changing that with a 96% thermal efficiency. In this blog, we are going to look at the ETi 400, Pentair’s newest pool spa and heater, and look at the incredible benefits it brings – showing just why it is the future of pool heaters.

Durability and Longevity

The ETi 400 is made of titanium meaning it can withstand conditions that other heaters cannot. High operating temperatures and pool water chemistry can be rough on conventional pool heaters, but titanium allows the ETi 400 to withstand 1,800-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and not corrode when handling chlorine compounds. The titanium coupled with a sound design gives the ETi 400 durability and longevity in doing the job of heating your pool – meaning it will be the best and last heater you ever have to buy for your pool.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

As we mentioned, the ETi pushed the limits for pool heating with a 96% thermal efficiency. This difference in efficiency may not sound like a big deal, but in the end it saves you time and money. The higher efficiency means more energy is going directly into heating your pool which results in a warmer pool in a shorter amount of time. This also means that you are saving precious dollars on your energy bill every month because you are expending less energy heating your pool. On average for a 25,000-gallon pool, the ETi 400 would save $334 a year and reduce CO2 emissions by 3,201 lbs.

heater savingsOld pool heaters could roast a side of beef before your spa got to 100°, but now your spa is 100° before you even have time to change and get a drink! You would be amazed at how far pool technology has come since Sunset first opened in 1948, and we don’t expect the innovation to stop any time soon. This is why we are always making sure we are up to date with the latest pool technology and toys!

Pool Control Made Easy with EasyTouch

The new EasyTouch system by Pentair offers a new level of control for pool and spa control systems. In the past, to use your spa you would have to walk over to the heater, fight off the spider webs and insects, flip the switch to spa, turn the lever, and guesstimate the temperature. Even worse is when you have to do this process in reverse after being in the awesome spa. However, with the development of the EasyTouch, Pentair has made controlling your spa not only easier but also more effective. Keep reading to see what makes the EasyTouch just so awesome.

App Integration

Controlling your pool can now be done not only from your phone but from your wrist. Yes you read that right – the EasyTouch can be controlled via the ScreenLogic app in both the App Store and Android market. This means that you can download the app onto your Apple watch or other wrist device and simultaneously control your pool. However, don’t get too carried away because these watches are still not waterproof.

SunsetBlog - EasyTouch 1Fast Response

As you leave work you can start heating your spa with the simple touch of a button on your phone or watch. This will give you just enough time to make some food and put your swimsuit on before stepping into your nice, warm 100 degree Jacuzzi. The ScreenLogic app allows you to control your pool and spa from anywhere instead of in the past where it could only be done by the dusty, spider web filled heater.

Scheduled Heating

If you come home every night at 6 and go in the spa at 6:30 then there’s no need to constantly be turning on the spa with your phone; rather, you can just schedule the spa to start heating at 6 and it will be ready for you at 6:30 every night. This feature will eliminate the risk of you forgetting to turn the spa on and getting home to a cold spa rather than the warm, relaxing one you are used to. This is just another feature that makes the EasyTouch by Pentair so incredibly awesome and unparalleled in terms of control.

The EasyTouch by Pentair is on an entirely different level than other pool control systems. There is no other control device that offers such convenience as the EasyTouch and any other system would be troublesome in comparison. If you don’t have the EasyTouch then give us a call at (562) 881-6000 and we can come help install it for your pool.

Switch It Up with a Spa Side Switch

You remember the days when you had to walk over to the heater and twist the knob to change the pool or spa temperature? Next came the miraculous invention of the panel mounted above the heater followed by the panel inside your house. Those were all convenient improvements at the time, but nothing matches a spa side switch that allows you to turn on the jets, change the temperature, turn on spa lights, and more – all from the convenience of in your nice and warm spa.

So, What is a Spa Side Switch?

Have you ever been enjoying your hot spa during the cold winter and wanted to change the temperature but dreaded getting out to face the cold? A spa side switch will fix that problem as you can control everything right from inside your spa. A spa side switch is a little panel that mounts right on the top of your spa. It has buttons that allow you to easily turn on the heater, spa lights, jets, and more depending on your desires. Thus, with a spa side switch you can have complete control over your spa without ever actually leaving the hot water.

We Use Two Types of Spa Side Switches

SunsetBlog - Switch It Up with a Spa Side Switch 1SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote

The SpaCommand remote is more expensive than the iS4, but this cost has its rewards as you have more control. With more than 10 buttons, you are able to control things like air temperature, water temperature, pump speed, yard lights, and more. This remote lets you set the temperature exactly and read it on a digital screen rather than just being able to turn on and off the heater. So if you are seeking convenience and complete control over your spa from inside your spa then the SpaCommand remote might be right for you.


The iS4 is the less expensive of the two options because it has less buttons and therefore less control. However, don’t let this fool you as the four buttons allow you to turn on the heater, jets, water feature, and lights. These four controls are basically all that is necessary, but you will not be able to fine tune temperature and lights as you can with the SpaCommand remote. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative and do not care about fine details when controlling your spa then the iS4 remote might be right for you.

Regardless of your decision, a spa side switch is the next improvement in spa technologies and is necessary for any spa. We can’t overstate how convenient and awesome it is to control your spa from inside your spa.

Cheers, JZ

Pentair EasyTouch Control System Is Revolutionary

The Pentair EasyTouch pool and spa control system has truly revolutionized the swimming pool industry by making usage convenient for the homeowner/user.

In the past, swimming pool controllers were cumbersome, difficult to program, not reliable and had a multitude of other problems throughout the years.

Pentair bought Compool and other automated systems to integrate together as the IntelliTouch Controller. After a few years the EasyTouch was developed which allows you to control the pool, spa, boost pump, waterfall pump, pool light, spa light, yard lights, patio lights, fountains and more. You name it, it can be controlled through one simple location and you can program for time on, time off, or an egg timer which counts down. Finally, you can set up a program to have something happen once; like when you want to come home from work to find the spa hot and ready to go. They also provide a remote switch at the spa so it allows you to control your system while you’re in the spa. You can adjust the temperature or the speed of pump… you name it. Pentair has created an amazing system that makes things so much more convenient for the user. Do you remember the olden days when the equipment area was full of switches that someone had to manually adjust? You had to draw straws to see who was going to have to exit the warm spa and flip all the switches at the end of the night.


Just recently I did an equipment upgrade on a pool that was built about 15 years ago that did not have a pool and spa controller. They cringed spending the money to install the controller but after it was installed they said it has revolutionized the way they are utilizing their spa. They really weren’t using it and now they are on a much higher frequency and have enjoyed the therapeutic nature of using the spa.

We are here to help you to make sure that your system is operating properly and has some kind of a smart automation system so that you are getting the most out of your outdoor living and mostly your pool and spa.

Cheers, JZ