Solar Lily Pads Rock! ☀️?️?


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Solar Lily Pads Rock! ☀️?️?

How warm is your pool? Are you benefiting from the warming sun?


Who wouldn’t want to benefit from a simple concept? Solar lily pads are so much easier to put on and take off than a full solar blanket and still give tremendous benefits:

  • Increase temperature of water 5- 10 degrees
  • Decrease evaporation
  • Less debris into pool


Check out the video below to see how easy it really is!!!



Have you used solar lily pads on your pool? Do you want to?

Comment and let us know!

Sourkraut Saute & Tanhito ??

Watch JZ share his simple and tasty cocktail and a saute lunch recipe.

In this edition, JZ pours a “Tanhito” which is a sweet & sour homegrown Kumquat muddled with Mint on ice floated with White Rum and Club Soda. Simple and refreshing! Don’t worry about the “5-Second Rule,” right?

JZ also makes a simple StayCation lunch with Spicy Cilantro Kraut with Red Onion and Canadian Bacon. Season with Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and a squirt of Spicy Dijon Mustard. Thanks to Fermentation Farm in Costa Mesa for the Cilantro Spicy Kraut! Healthy Gut is a Healthy Life!

The Best StayCation Pool Games ??

For our last three posts, we discussed fun Virtual GamesBoard & Card Games, and Outdoor Games. This time we want to focus on our favorite Pool Games! Pool Games are great for a party of children, but we tried to tailor these games to a smaller crowd for quarantine. Check them out below.

Invisi-Bottle — First, take a clear bottle, remove the wrapper and fill it with pool water. Then, toss the bottle into the pool and when they hear the splash, the players turn around and try to find the bottle. Once the bottle is found, simply line the players up and repeat. It sounds like an easy task, but you will be surprised at how hard it is to find the bottle!

Pirates — Pirates is the perfect game for 2 players. First, grab an odd number of “sticks,” which can be any item from around the house. Then, line the players up on opposite ends of the pool and toss the sticks in the middle. When someone says go, the players race to find the sticks, and the player with the majority of sticks wins. Kids love the competitive nature of this game and will likely want to keep playing for many rounds!

Categories — Categories is a classic game that is best played with more players, but you could still make 2 players work. The person that is “it” stands on the outside of the pool with their back to the pool. This person selects a category, such as favorite color, and begins to guess items, like red, blue, etc. If the player in the pools selection is said then they must swim to the other side of the pool without getting tagged. The best part of the game is when you trick the person who is “it” and make them turn around thinking one player went!

Air Ninja — With one player on the side of the pool, count down and choose an object for them to mimic. It is a great way to get kids to act silly and will surely have everyone laughing. Some of our favorites are choosing various animals and inanimate objects, but the more creative the better!

Cannon Ball or Belly Flop Competition — This one is pretty self-explanatory and can be played with players of all ages. Cannon ball competitions are our personal preference, but if you have the guts to do a belly flop then more power to you. Just make sure someone has the camera out, so you can go viral!

Swimming Pool Fun Time.

Submarine Races — Many of you have probably played Submarine Races, but never knew the name. This involves seeing which player can swim furthest off a push off the wall while remaining underwater. The key to success is a strong push paired with smooth flutter kicks.

F-I-S-H — F-I-S-H is essentially H-O-R-S-E for pool basketball, so a poolside hoop is required for this one. However, since this is in the pool, players can get more creative and make up shots that require jumping in the pool. You will be amazed at what awesome shots your kids can think of and also how long they can keep playing this game!


What are your family’s favorite Pool Games? 

The Best StayCation Outdoor Games ??

For our last two posts, we discussed fun Virtual Games and Board & Card Games that can be played with your family and friends in quarantine. In this post, we wanted to shift towards Outdoor Games, as the warmer weather provides the perfect opportunity to utilize your ‘Outdoor Living’ space! Even if you do not have a big yard or pool there are still tons of options that can fit whatever space you have. Check out some of our favorites below.

Quarantine Olympics — Quarantine Olympics is a new trend that brings together families to compete in various fun activities. The events can be as creative as anything you think of, but some funny games were Toilet Paper Dodgeball, Egg Toss, and the 6 Ft Challenge, where family members tried to guess the closest to 6 feet with a measuring tape. You can even have an awards ceremony at the end just like they did in a classic episode of The Office.

Virtual Cornhole — Even if you are separated from your family and friends, you can still play cornhole. If you set up your phone or computer with a view of the opposite board then the other players can see your toss and keep score. No worries if a friend does not own a Cornhole set — you can sanitize the other half of yours and some bags, leave them outside your house, and have a friend pick them up to play virtually. The American Cornhole League even transitioned one of their national events to virtual!

Other Yard Games to Make Virtual — Cornhole is likely not the only game you can play virtually with friends, so we added a few other ideas we had below.

  • Horse Shoes — Setting up Virtual Horse Shoes would be similar to Cornhole, with a camera positioned near the pin to keep teams honest.Just be sure to place it far enough away that you don’t hit your camera with a horse shoe!
  • Ladder Ball — Ladder Ball, also known as Redneck Golf, is a less popular, but equally fun game as Cornhole. It has a similar scoring system, but you score points by landing your bolas (two balls connected by a string) on the ladder (3 horizontal poles). Set up a camera, find a friend with another set, and you will be ready to go!

leisure, holidays, people and sport concept – happy friends playing badminton or shuttlecock at summer garden party

Fun Yard Games to Buy — The games below are newer, less traditional games but have become some of our recent favorites. There may be a slight delay ordering these on Amazon or another site due to the surge in demand, but they are all a great summer addition that you can use for years!

  • Spikeball — At this point, you have probably heard of Spikeball, but we wanted to include just how incredibly popular it has become. Within a matter of years, Spikeball went from a new, obscure game to hosting a highly competitive league that thousands enjoy watching. This game is a favorite amongst kids, and we highly recommend it for anyone with young ones of any age.
  • Bucket Ball (aka Giant Beer Pong) — Bucket ball is essentially giant beer pong with volleyballs and trash cans. This game is a favorite for all ages, letting young kids try their first shot at beer pong and letting adults relive their glorious college days. I know what you’re thinking though — don’t worry it’s not like beer pong, you won’t have to drink an entire trash can of beer after each made shot!

Giant Jenga — Giant Jenga is another simple concept: it’s Jenga but with giant pieces! If you think the moments waiting for a normal Jenga stack to fall are exhilarating then you have never played with a 5 foot tower of blocks! Playing with a group is the best, as you can all help build the stack then laugh together when it comes crashing down.

Kan Jam — Kan Jam is another new game that involves teams of two, a frisbee, and two trash cans. The two ways to score points are to throw the frisbee through the slit in the trash can or have your opponent jam it into the top of the trash can. As simple as it may sound, this game is a fun competitive team sport and is a great twist for any frisbee fans.


What are your family’s favorite Outdoor Games? Respond and let us know!

Also, don’t forget to look out for next installment of “The Best StayCation Games” with the best Pool Games!


Pool Myths — Busted!

At some point, we have all heard a mom, whether it was yours or someone else’s, tell us to wait 30 minutes to swim after eating. Well, turns out this and many other pool “rules” are actually myths. In this post, we are going to play the MythBusters and dispel some of these widespread fallacies.

Waiting 30 Minutes After Eating Before Swimming

This is by far the most popular pool myth. This idea stemmed from the fact that after a big meal blood diverts away from your ligaments towards your stomach and digestive tract. People then assumed the risk of drowning is heightened if your limbs are not working at full force. However, while it is true blood moves to assist your digestive process, a person still has plenty of blood in their body parts to function after a big meal. This makes sense after all because, while you may feel bloated after a large meal and want to sit down, it is not like you are suddenly unable to stand. Some say not waiting to swim after eating makes you more subject to cramps, but even this is not proven. Myth: Busted – maybe mother does not know best after all.

Chlorine Changes Hair Color

Likely better known among the female community is the myth that chlorine can make your hair green. Surprisingly, chlorine has no impact on turning hair green, although it goes damage hair and make it dry and brittle. However, hair can still gain a green tint from swimming due to copper sulfate, which binds to proteins in your hair to cause a green coloring. Copper sulfate is a safe chemical and is added in most pools to combat algae, but the one downside is this green tint. If you are concerned about this effect, then there are certain “swimmer’s shampoos”. Myth: Partially Busted – chlorine is harmful to hair, but it is not the chemical causing the green tint in hair.

Chlorine Smells

Properly chlorinated pools do not have a strong chemical smell. There are only two reasons why you would ever have a chemical smell: yucky substances in the pool that mix with chlorine and form chloramines or if the pool is overly chlorinated. If your pool is clean and properly chlorinated, then you will never have the “chlorine smell”. Myth: Busted – only if your pool is kept properly clean though.

Peeing in the Pool Will Turn It Blue

Growing up, you likely were told not to pee in the pool because it would turn blue. Well for those of you that have tried peeing in the pool you quickly realized this was a lie. In fact, there is no such dye that even exists. Regardless, pools are not meant to be peed in, as urine contains bacteria that you do not want to swim in. Myth: Busted – but do not pee in pools!

Growing up, we all here our parents tell us various things that we take as fact only to find out later they are not so. We outlined a few above, but we want to know: What did your parents tell you as a child that was not, in fact, true?

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

We all have neighbors, but not everyone knows their neighbors. I know my neighbors quite well and we get along nicely; however, it occurred to me that many people do not have a similar relationship. Oftentimes, people have those neighbors that they drive by and wave to but never truly talk to or interact with. Thus, I decided to write this blog to offer ways to get to know your neighbors whether they be new neighbors or old neighbors you just never got around to knowing.

NextdoorNextdoor is a private social networking service for neighborhoods and can be a great way to communicate online with your neighbors. The Rossmoor neighborhood is showcased at–los-alamitos–ca/ and you can put in your address and it will direct you to an online community just for your surrounding neighborhood.

People are using Nextdoor to:

  • Quickly get the word out about a break-in
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Track down a trustworthy babysitter
  • Find out who does the best swimming pool construction in town
  • Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost dog
  • Find a new home for an outgrown bike
  • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name

Nextdoor’s mission is to provide a trusted platform where neighbors work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, all over the world. Nextdoor is a great way to stay up-to-date with your neighborhood without the hassle of speaking to every neighbor in your area.

Knock, Knock

There’s no better way to introduce yourself to neighbors than the old-fashioned tradition of knocking on someone’s door. How often do neighbors go and knock on each other’s doors these days? Not enough. In the modern age, we have grown accustomed to talking via text and social media at the expense of friendly, person-to-person interactions. I may have advocated for due to its convenience, but I have always found the best way to meet your neighbors is to simply go next door and knock. Bringing a gift of some sort or some form of baked goods is a great excuse for knocking on your neighbor’s door and can be a great start to a friendly relationship.

Invite Them Over For Dinner

If you have spoken to your neighbors a few times but don’t know them as well as you wish, then a dinner is the great way to grow more acquainted. Dinner can be at your house, someone else’s house, or a restaurant, but in the end, there is no better way to get to know someone than over dinner. Many of us know our neighbors but not very well – a dinner can be a perfect way to grow this relationship and learn more about your neighbors next-door.

Host a Party

Every few years, my neighbors and I plan a block party. Block parties are amazing because you are hanging out with the people who live in your area, and they are a perfect way to socialize with those people around you. Block parties can be rather hard to organize though, so a simple party at your house with food, drinks, and swimming is a great option, as well. Invite over a combination of good friends and new neighbors which will allow you to meet your new neighbors without putting the pressure on you to constantly be interacting with only them. Whether it be a block party or a smaller house party, having a party with your neighbors is a great way to meet them and form stronger relationships.

Being friends with your neighbor can be incredibly beneficial whether you are running low on sugar, need someone to watch your house while you are on vacation, or want to avoid a noise disturbance at your next party. Getting to know your neighbors doesn’t have to be anything extravagant and can be as easy as checking a social media site or knocking on their door; thus, we think everyone should be, or at least make an effort to be, friends with their neighbors.

Tips for a 4th of July BBQ

4th of July is just around that corner and that means it’s the perfect time to invite friends over and fire up the barbeque. Grilling and the 4th of July go together like peanut butter and jelly, so we decided to write this blog to make sure you’re ready to host your BBQ and show off that backyard of yours. Every great BBQ follows a few simple steps and you follow these steps then you will be on your way to making this year’s 4th of July party a memorable one.

Get a Grill

A grill being a necessity at a BBQ – who would’ve thought? Seriously though a grill is the most important part of the BBQ, and, while any grill can technically get the job done, not every grill will do the job the right way. We partnered with Summerset grills last year because they make top of the line grills that not only look good, but also cook well. You may not be able to tell the difference between grills when you are cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, but when you start cooking steaks and other high-quality meats then the difference becomes apparent. If you want to step it up and bring your BBQ to the next level then you are going to need a next level grill. Additionally, if you are feeling really adventurous you could even try using a smoker – smoker grills typically burn wood to cook meats at low, controlled temperatures while also adding a smoky flavor some people love. A smoker is a big commitment in terms of effort and time, but if you really enjoy barbecue then maybe a smoker could bring your BBQ to the next level.

Find a Grill Master

Every great BBQ has a grill master, or a person who operates the grill. Grilling is often harder than it looks – almost anyone can learn how to grill something like a hot dog or hamburger, but grilling more difficult foods to perfection is easier said than done. Odds are someone at the party enjoys grilling and would love to work the grill, so there is no need to worry about overseeing the grill if you are hosting the party. However, you just have to ensure that you find someone proficient in grilling to manage the grill or else you could end up with undercooked or charred food.

Find Your Recipe

If you are just looking for a classic BBQ then you can always just go with classic hamburgers or hot dogs, but if you are trying to make this 4th of July memorable then you should try spicing it up and finding a recipe to set your party apart. Brisket, ribs, and pulled pork are three great BBQ meals that have a number of various recipes if you are looking to spice it up. You can also try recipes not relating to meats – you can try grilling vegetables, artichokes are just one of many vegetables that taste delicious when grilled, or making a special side whether it be potato salad or some other tasty recipe. The internet is home to millions of recipes perfect for any occasion, so this 4th of July think ahead of time, search the web, and decide on a recipe to spice up your party.

In the end, parties are not defined by the food or drinks, but rather by the people. However, if you want your guests to be happy then there is no better way to create a positive atmosphere than some great food. It is always fun to experiment with different recipes, and there is no better time than the 4th of July. Thus, we encourage you to make your 4th of July memorable and host a BBQ party that will blow away your friends and family.

Bucket List – Do You Have One?

A bucket list in case you do not know is a list of things a person wants to accomplish before they die. Whether you know yours or not, we all have a bucket list. A bucket list is not necessarily something you take the time to write out, but instead is a few general things you want to accomplish over your life. In this blog, we will be talking about our bucket lists – what we have accomplished and seek to someday accomplish – and will encourage you to reply with items on your bucket list.

John Zahn

I am very fortunate to have knocked off many items from my bucket list. They often involve sailing and speed, yet this is all on land. (Landsailing World Championship 2014 Video) Recently I realized that my wife Alyson, who doesn’t like tippy monohull sailboats prefered a good sized catamaran. I was then on a quest for the ultimate experience. A Gunboat catamaran is just that balance between amazing performance and luxurious comfort. They are world cruiser at some of the fastest speeds and when you stop to relax you have a stable and comfortable platform. I have researched and found a few for week charter. If you have an interest in coming along please let me know?

Nate Trimmer

I have done some “extreme” sports in my day and have loved every minute of it. Whether that be landsailing, bungee jumping, skydiving, white water rafting, ziplining, hot air ballooning, glacier hiking, blackwater cave rafting… just to name a few. As you can tell, I don’t scare easily. I have been very fortunate to experience so many blood pumping activities. I have done some minor rock climbing but nothing too adventures. I have thought about this bucket list, done some Googling and decided that rappelling down a waterfall sounds like just the ticket! Now, where should I fly to find said waterfall?


James Campion

Family vacations are always fun, but nothing is more exciting than vacationing with a group of families. My family and a few other families did just this recently when we traveled to Italy. Our time in Italy was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. We visited the leaning Tower of Pisa, saw the statue of David, toured the Colosseum, threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, and even watched my sister and her friends be confirmed in the Vatican. This vacation was one I will never forget from the marvelous sights to the laughing so hard I peed my pants (granted I was quite young). The only downside is that I decided this vacation was a good time to try out the fedora look, so one could say all the photos of me are pretty much ruined. However, vacationing with other families is an experience unlike any other, and I would strongly encourage everyone to give it a shot during their lifetime.

What’s on your bucket list? Leave a comment below letting us know. If you have never thought about your bucket list then now is the perfect time. We love learning new, exciting things about our customers!