Elevated Pool Update – Beauty, Safety and Improved Functionality

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Elevated Pool Update – Beauty, Safety and Improved Functionality

We designed the first elevated pool back in 2006 in my very own backyard. The elevated pool was designed to help make better use of limited space as properties continue to get smaller. In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of elevated pools, the current condition of the first elevated pool, and potential future innovations.

Brainstorming the First Elevated Pool

When it came time to remodel my pool back in 2006, I knew it was a perfect time to experiment with something new. I wanted a pool that could better suit my needs of hosting guests and optimizing space while simultaneously looking aesthetically pleasing. I also had a common issue with Rossmoor homes in that the pool was a few inches too high for ยญthe house foundation slab. This typically meant a drastic slope of concrete and was often unsightly. By elevating the pool, I was able to regrade the yard and add drains to work well in rain and look normal. After finishing the project, I realized that an elevated pool was a perfect solution not just for my home, but for all homes. Thus, Sunset began designing elevated pools and has never looked back.

What are the Benefits of an Elevated Pool?

Elevated pools allow you to make better use of limited space due to increased functionality with more seating. Elevated pools also allow users to swim surrounded by the environment rather than down in a hole like conventional pools. Elevated pools also look better partially because of the aesthetic beauty but also because fewer leaves and other debris blows into the pool. Finally, elevated pools are safer for little ones and big ones to ensure they do not fall into the pool. All of these features work together to make the elevated pool unique and our preference over old, traditional pools.

Current Condition of the First Elevated Pool

Itโ€™s been 11 years since my pool was first built, and it looks just as good today as it did when it was first built. I have no issues with my elevated pool, and I have truly loved the benefits it has brought me. Whenever I have new guests over to swim they love the additional seating and swimming environment the pool provides, and I think the elevated design helps it stand out from other pools. I will never have to remodel my pool again because of the long-lasting design, but if I were to I would choose an elevated design every time. The elevated pool design was one of the best ideas I have ever had, and it has truly changed my life for the better.

Zahn Drone Pool Effect

The Right Design is Key – Planning Your ‘Outdoor Oasis’

designSunset Designers & Builders actually started as Sunset Fence & Patio Company in 1948.

That was the idea of the day when Long Beach was Iowa by the Sea where no fences were built between most of the early track homes. The idea of building fences sounded like a good one, homeowners really had far more need than the fences and patios on their property. This business approach was simple and effective early on. It only took 5 short years to change the name to Sunset Designers & Builders going forward. Design was in the name because it is so important to the creation of beautiful ‘Outdoor Living’. When you don’t have professional help to put together a great design to work from, you often end up with a sub-par final result. I often see projects around the neighborhood that appear to have been worked on by the “Weekend Warriors” who try their best to piece together a yard and end up with a hodge-podge mess.

At Sunset Designers & Builders, we like to take a fundamental and creative look at a yard to determine: 1) what the function of the yard is i.e. family time, entertainment, relaxation…, 2) what materials and style the customer prefers, 3) what the environmentally responsible opportunities are, and 4) ensuring we match with Mother Nature as far as drainage and planting options.


Nate’s girlfriend, Kristie Nelsen, Architect, helps us put these designs into digital plot plans with 3-dimensional renderings. This really helps our clients better understand the design while providing us the opportunity to make changes very quickly. While the printed ink on paper helps us see the design, we realize that the final design work really happens in the yard on the jobsite. We will often have a design that the customer loves, we scrape out the yard and remove old items to leave us a dirt lot canvas ready for work. We then paint on the ground where items will be, sometimes mocking 3-dimensional aspects with stakes, boards and string-lines. This allows us to get a better perspective of the design in the yard with a real 3-dimensional experience.

We are always here to help and believe the design is paramount. We keep in mind that the build relies on the design so we are able to keep within budget by starting with a strong, flexible design process.

If you need any assistance, please call me at (562) 881-6000.

Cheers, JZ

Digital Plans with 3D Rendering

3D rendering

Kristie Nelsen, Architect

They say if you fail to plan, your plan will fail. This is really important when it comes to construction. Many of you know my Office Superintendent Nate Trimmer who has been a wealth of knowledge and support while handling things in the office, digital marketing management, corresponding with clients and helping to put together proposals/contracts. He introduced me to a wonderful young woman Kristie Nelsen (they happen to be recently cohabitating in Lakewood, congratulations to the both of you) and her talent is in architecture and digital plan development with 3D renderings. This makes plan development much easier than with pens, paper, rulers and a T-square. We are able to develop these plans digitally to allow us to make changes quickly and easily while also showing the customer how things will look in three-dimensional space
As many of you know, I like to design and build elevated pools, elevated water features, fire features and many other aspects of the design. Looking at a 2D view from above like a bird flying over doesnโ€™t really tell you what it will look like when you are standing in the backyard. A 3D rendering allows our customers to really experience what their design will look like before the construction begins. We have a beautiful example below for you to look at and enjoy. If you are not certain about the exact plans and how it will look in 3 dimensions, let us know as we are glad to put these plans with 3D renderings together for you. Thank you Nate for introducing me to Kristie and thank you Kristie for the great work you do.

3D Rendering3D Rendering