Unexpected Benefits of Pool Ownership


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Unexpected Benefits of Pool Ownership

Over the years, our clients have had various reasons for installing a pool – in fact, we have probably heard every reason out there. Regardless of your motive, there are often a few key value-adds that people overlook. This week we want to touch on a few of those unexpected benefits, so pool owners can keep appreciating their pools and non-pool owners can find a few more reasons to make the jump!

Healthier Life

We have talked a lot in the past about the health benefits of a pool and did a recent post about the benefits of water yoga. However, we wanted to reiterate this point because it benefits both you and your children or grandchildren. In the age of technology, kids are spending more and more time playing video games and sitting in front of a screen, but a pool is a great way to get the kids outside and exercising. Pools also offer a healthy opportunity to exercise with minimal joint pressure, so any age can find health benefits in a pool.

Keeping the Kids at Home

Whether you are a helicopter parent or not, we can all admit we get a little worried when the young ones are running around town. With a pool, every local kid will want to spend time in your backyard, so your kids can spend more time at home. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing where they are and that they are safe. We talked about ways to get your kids in the pool here.

Cross-Generational Fun

How many activities can you think of that both grandparents, parents, and children can enjoy together? I would imagine pretty few, but here is one: swimming. With a pool, you can make sure both your kids and their kids learn to swim in your backyard. We have had many clients with adult children who were hesitant to buy a pool, but the ability to swim with their grandchildren made adding a pool worth it.

Aesthetic & Home Improvement Value

Sunset prides itself on making sure all our projects are of the highest-quality, and the customers see benefits. By comparing before and after pictures, you can see the transformational power a beautiful pool can bring, check out the video below for proof. The value-add goes beyond that though, as a pool can significantly increase your home’s market value, which we talked about here. The up-front price of a pool may seem daunting, but this increase in value and the priceless experiences along the way make it worth it.

Let us know: What benefit do you like the most about your pool?

How Long Should You Stay in the Spa

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog about the health benefits of your spa. However, in that blog we mentioned that you only receive those benefits if you stay in the spa for the right amount of time. In this blog, we will talk about what we consider to be the right amount of time to spend in the spa and what conditions impact this length of time.

External Temperature

It may feel better to soak in the spa when it’s cold outside, but this is not necessarily the best environment for your body. The transition from a spa to a cold temperature causes the body to cool itself too quickly which can result in dizziness. On the other hand, higher temperatures allows your body to cool itself slower and makes the adjustment back to normal temperature much easier. Thus, you can stay in the hot tub longer when the outside temperature is hotter despite how nice it may feel to remain in the hot tub on a cold winter night.

Spa Temperature

Most hot tubs reach maximum temperatures around 104 degrees Fahrenheit preset by the heater, as any temperature over this heat can lead to concern. 104 degrees may feel great and relaxing for some, but by turning the temperature down just a degree or two you are able to safely stay in the spa for a much longer time.

How Deep You Sit

If you sit with the water up to your neck then odds are you are going to overheat rather fast and want to leave the spa. Whereas if you sit with the water to around chest level then you will be much better off. I personally enjoy alternating my position to prevent overheating thus allowing myself to stay in the spa for a longer, more enjoyable time.

Other Conditions

One of the other main reasons to shorten spa time is alcohol consumption. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink in the spa, if you are drinking a lot then you should avoid the spa because it dehydrates you and can lead to dizziness and unexpected increased intoxication. Health conditions like pregnancy or a heart condition are another good reason to limit spa time. Finally, children should spend less time in the spa because their smaller bodies make it harder for their bodies to readjust their body temperature to normal levels.

Final Verdict

As a general rule of thumb, 20 minutes is about the right amount of time you should soak with a maximum of 30 minutes. Beyond this point the spa begins to dry out your skin and overheat your body. Everyone is different, so you can soak for as long as you feel comfortable hypothetically. However, health studies have just suggested that the best time for soaking is up to 20 minutes if you want to receive the best health benefits.

It is the Time of Year for Fall Fun

It’s that time of the year – look outside and see the leaves changing color! From Halloween to Thanksgiving, Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Below we listed some of our favorite things to do at this time of the year so be sure to check them out and make the most of your fall.

Using the Pool in the Day and Spa at Night

It is tough if you’re feeling that you’re not making the most of your pool and spa, but have no fear because fall is the perfect time for this. The days are warm making it a great time to go for a quick swim in your pool, while nights are cold making it a great time for a spa. With that said, enjoy the weather and hit your spa at night for a nice sleeping pill!

Go to Your Local Pumpkin Patch

You’re never too old to go to your local pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin. The pumpkin patch is a great place to visit and get in season, whether it be with a family or with a date. Everyone loves carving a pumpkin and you are truly missing out on October if you don’t carve a pumpkin and set it on your front porch.

Get Dressed Up for Halloween

Some people may think getting dressed up for Halloween is just for kids, but getting dressed up is fun no matter your age. There’s only one time of the year that you get to dress up as whatever you want, so be sure to attend or host a Halloween party. Find a partner or few friends and get a group costume going if you really love to dress up.

Spend Thanksgiving with the People You’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to us Americans, and, although the rest of the world finds it odd, it’s many people’s favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving food is amazing, but Thanksgiving is really pointless if you don’t spend it with the people you love. So while we highly recommend cooking a turkey and some mashed potatoes, the most important thing is to make sure you gather the people you’re thankful for to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Experience Black Friday

Whether you’re shopping or not, you have to experience Black Friday. It’s truly amazing to watch the hype and spirit that surrounds Black Friday. People plan for weeks and line up for days just to save a few bucks. The atmosphere of Black Friday is truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and we recommend you watch, whether it be in person or online, if you aren’t planning to shop.



Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. The weather is perfect, the holidays are great, and the atmosphere is energetic. Fall is one of the best seasons to get into and really go all out, and we think you can do just that by following these tips. How do you like to celebrate fall and get into the spirit?

5 Health Benefits of a Spa

If you know me, then you know I love my spa. I’ve found my spa to be a perfect way to relax after a long day, and I try to enjoy my spa as often as I can. I’ve always known spas brought health benefits, but when I began to research the extent of the benefits I was blown away. In this blog, I chose the 5 health benefits I found the most beneficial and decided to share them.

Improved Sleep

Your body temperature naturally dips at night starting about two hours before you go to sleep, and the higher temperature drop the more relaxed you become. Thus, if you raise your temperature a degree or two by relaxing in a spa then the steeper temperature drop will help you fall into a deep sleep. With this being said, we do not recommend sleeping in your spa, as that can be dangerous, but rather relaxing in your spa up to two hours before you go to bed to get the benefit of improved sleep.

Reduced Stress

Studies have shown that a combination of hot water, massaging jets, and the feel of weightlessness all work together to reduce mental and physical stress. Jets can also help stimulate the release of endorphins which cause you to feel better and more positive. Thus, if you want to reduce stress and anxiety then you should try getting in the spa for 20 minutes a day.

Lower Blood Pressure

When you immerse yourself in warm water, your body’s reaction is to stabilize your temperature by pumping additional blood. This additional blood flow causes an increase in oxygen, antibodies, and white blood cells. The warmth then causes the blood vessels to dilate and expand lessening the resistance on the heart and lowering blood pressure.

Skin Care

The hot water of spas opens your pores to heal and rejuvenate skin. The hot water also cleans and disinfects the skin – which is a good reminder to keep your hot tub clean and well maintained. However, be careful not to stay in for too long or else you can dry your skin out instead of making it healthier.

Heals Body Aches

The increased blood circulation from hot water that we mentioned previously also helps relieve pain and body aches. The increased blood flow throughout the body also helps relax your muscles and ease inflammation. In conclusion, spas are a terrific way to relieve muscle soreness or more serious conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel.

These are just some of the great health benefits that come from regularly relaxing in your spa. You can receive these health benefits from a simple 20 minutes in the spa every day, which can be spent watching TV, listening to music, or whatever else you desire. I personally love my spa and try to spend some time in it every day. If you don’t have a spa and are interested in adding one then reach out to us and we can discuss your options.

Cost Variation in Swimming Pool Construction

Building a swimming pool is no minor thing; thus, when you decide to build a swimming pool you want to ensure you have all the facts about the unique features of pools and the costs that come with them. This post is written to educate customers on what elements of swimming pool construction add additional costs, so as to guarantee that clients avoid hidden fees and truly get the most out of their money.

pool tileQuality of Building Materials

The most important cost factor in your pool is the materials you decide upon. Porcelain tiles look incredible, but they come at a price. Vinyl can be cheaper than concrete or other materials, but your design flexibility and visual aesthetic capabilities are limited with vinyl. The same goes with coping and all the other materials that go into a pool. There will always be materials more expensive than others, but, more often than not, these higher prices will come with greater benefits.


A spa and a water feature are nice additions to a pool, but they don’t come for free. These days there are innovative technologies that allow you to clean your pool more efficiently or even allow you to control your spa with your smartphone, and we believe these technologies are often worth the price. However, if you are working with a tight budget then you cannot afford to be adding all the newest technologies and every feature possible.

Craftsmanship and Expertise

Oftentimes people think that the size and materials are the only factors that change price, but this is not true. When working with someone with experience and expertise you are paying for a promise on better design and execution. Someone with 30 years of experience in the business is going to design a more beautiful pool and make sure that the project is completely in a timely and efficient manner. You may be inclined to pick the cheaper, less-experienced pool contractor, but you also need to understand that this contractor will not be able to guarantee the same product the experienced contractor can. It is this same promise of quality that causes us to shop at stores like Nordstrom’s over buying cheap products online.

Magnitude and Scope

A larger pool is going to cost more – this everyone knows. However, what most people do not know is that magnitude goes beyond simply size. Deeper pools are also more expensive because it requires more digging and excavating. Design can also play a factor as a simple circle pool will be easier and less expensive than an elaborate design that requires precise planning. In the end, these additions all require more materials, labor, and time meaning more money, so when planning a pool, you need to take magnitude and scope into consideration with regards to your budget.

Warranties and Support

Warranties can be a subtle yet important cost variation in pool building. You want to make certain that you work with a swimming pool company with longevity because your warranty is only good as long as the company you are working with is in business. It is for this reason that some warranties may be more expensive than others, but sometimes this warranty is worth the premium of making sure your pool remains functional for years to come.

In Summary

Buying a pool is like buying a car – you can buy your car with no accessories, the bare minimum, and be happy with your purchase. However, if you really want to enjoy your purchase and get the best experience out of it, then sometimes you need to add GPS, a sunroof, and a new interior. You may be happy with a simple pool that gets the job done and allows you to swim, but if you want a pool that will transform your backyard and amaze your visitors then you will likely have to spend a little extra. Pool buyers need to be wary of the cost variations mentioned in this blog to guarantee that they get an accurate and fair pricing for the pool project they are dreaming of.

Wacky Weather

If you are anything like us then you have probably been wondering what is up with this recent weather we have been having. It seems like one day it is gloomy and raining and the next the sun is shining with the perfect weather for a beach day. Some just say that this is typical Southern California weather, but we personally feel like this weather is wackier than ever. Despite being mainly a swimming pool company, we never want our clients to be discouraged by poor weather; thus, we are writing this blog article to talk about other ways you can enjoy your outdoor living space even when the weather is trying to stop you.

Add a Spa

We’ve said it before and we will say it again – there is nothing better than a spa in the winter. Whether it be cold weather or rain, nothing can stop you from enjoying a spa. A spa is a good investment because it can be used year round and can be enjoyed by every age group whether it be young kids, teenagers, or adults. Additionally, a spa does not take much maintenance and can be prepared for usage often remotely in less time than you may think.

Patio Cover

Outdoor KitchenThe awesome thing about Southern California is that even when it rains it is not necessarily cold. Oftentimes it can be warm enough to wear a short sleeve t-shirt outside, yet it will be raining – we find these types of days to be the best days for outdoor patio covers. With a patio cover you can sit outside and listen to the peaceful sound of the rain while remaining completely dry. You can even install a TV or BBQ outside and not worry about water damage or constantly putting on a cover if you have a patio cover.

Fire Feature

Another great way to stay warm in this cold wacky weather is through a fire feature. A fire pit or fireplace may not be of the best use in the rain but sitting outside in the cold next to a warm fire can be very relaxing and enjoyable. A fire feature has a wide range of purposes beyond this as well like roasting marshmallows or adding a nice aesthetic element to your backyard.

Oftentimes we expect year round nice weather because we live in Southern California, but this is not always the case. We recently have been having wacky weather causing us to wear a sweatshirt one day and shorts the next; however, this should not stop you from enjoying your outdoor living space. There are a variety of ways to enjoy your backyard even in the rain, so you should be thankful for the rain and its much needed presence in Southern California rather than resenting it as many people often do.

Switch It Up with a Spa Side Switch

You remember the days when you had to walk over to the heater and twist the knob to change the pool or spa temperature? Next came the miraculous invention of the panel mounted above the heater followed by the panel inside your house. Those were all convenient improvements at the time, but nothing matches a spa side switch that allows you to turn on the jets, change the temperature, turn on spa lights, and more – all from the convenience of in your nice and warm spa.

So, What is a Spa Side Switch?

Have you ever been enjoying your hot spa during the cold winter and wanted to change the temperature but dreaded getting out to face the cold? A spa side switch will fix that problem as you can control everything right from inside your spa. A spa side switch is a little panel that mounts right on the top of your spa. It has buttons that allow you to easily turn on the heater, spa lights, jets, and more depending on your desires. Thus, with a spa side switch you can have complete control over your spa without ever actually leaving the hot water.

We Use Two Types of Spa Side Switches

SunsetBlog - Switch It Up with a Spa Side Switch 1SpaCommand Spa-Side Remote

The SpaCommand remote is more expensive than the iS4, but this cost has its rewards as you have more control. With more than 10 buttons, you are able to control things like air temperature, water temperature, pump speed, yard lights, and more. This remote lets you set the temperature exactly and read it on a digital screen rather than just being able to turn on and off the heater. So if you are seeking convenience and complete control over your spa from inside your spa then the SpaCommand remote might be right for you.


The iS4 is the less expensive of the two options because it has less buttons and therefore less control. However, don’t let this fool you as the four buttons allow you to turn on the heater, jets, water feature, and lights. These four controls are basically all that is necessary, but you will not be able to fine tune temperature and lights as you can with the SpaCommand remote. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative and do not care about fine details when controlling your spa then the iS4 remote might be right for you.

Regardless of your decision, a spa side switch is the next improvement in spa technologies and is necessary for any spa. We can’t overstate how convenient and awesome it is to control your spa from inside your spa.

Cheers, JZ