StayCation Chores – Repairing Mosaic Sun ☀️


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StayCation Chores – Repairing Mosaic Sun ☀️

Having Fun and Getting Things Done!

My mosaic sun has been losing a few tile and I knew this was a good time for a fire. A few tiles turned into a frontal lobotomy! Glad to have this chore done and she looks fantastic!

Are you thirsty now too? I sure am!

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Got Shade?

The hot days last week have made me appreciate my newest installation in my backyard. This Sail Shade is a unique way to create shadow and it even sheds water when it rains. It is also a beautiful feature adding depth and functionality to the backyard. At night I am able to illuminate it for a great presentation. The covers are designed to withstand up to 150mph winds. As you can tell, the support posts are pretty heavy duty. There is also a support cable that runs the perimeter under tension by turnbuckles. This keeps the shade very taught in the wind to ensure it is safely secured.


I am in the process of taking timelapse photography to showcase the shade created by the sail throughout the day. This will show us how the shadow is experienced as the sun travels across the sky. I as given instructions by wife to ensure the lounge chairs were not under cover; but to also ensure the patio set is under shadow. The timelapse will also show the illumination of the cover as the sun sets for the night.


Keep your eyes peeled for the Sail Shade Timelapse Video in the coming weeks.