Oh Hail, CA Is Drought Free!


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Oh Hail, CA Is Drought Free!

All right already the rain can now stop! The snow pack is more than I can ever remember and it still looks like more could hit this season.

It truly is a nice thought that we are drought free for now, but we can’t loose sight of water conservation. In the past I’ve written blogs such as ‘Please Don’t Pick on the Pool Builder’ that have pointed out that having a pool doesn’t mean your property as a whole can’t be water wise. I am personally continuing to tighten up the water saving belt and still have a pool. We recently installed artificial turf in the front yard to permanently stop unneeded water use on a lawn. I installed a drain system that reintroduced any run off water on my property into the native soil instead of the gutter. We removed a fountain that was a waste of water and a maintenance issue at times. Newer appliances and fixtures are mandated to be water savers and energy savers. I’m glad to help you consider ways to become more water wise.

Good news, I’m excited about the upcoming river rafting season that has struggled in past years. Lakes that have been low and ugly will be full and beautiful. This weekend is the peak of the Wildflower Super Bloom in many areas in SoCal with many flowers yet to bloom as it warms up for Spring. We experienced an amazing migration of Pink Lady butterflies from Mexico that was a first for this 54 year native. Parts of Los Alamitos, Long Beach and Lakewood saw intense hail storm that dropped large hail balls. Thank you Amy Mora for this entertaining video.

Please share with us any extraordinary experiences you have witnessed due to this wet weather.

*Featured image from https://twitter.com/DigitalGlobe/status/1108441980567277573/photo/1

2017 vs 2018 – A Weather Comparison

In the middle of 2016, El Niño appeared to be a bust – in fact, we even wrote a blog about it which you can find here.  However, near the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 California saw a historical downpour of rain that has helped alleviate the drought. In this blog, we are going to recap 2017’s historical year in California and look ahead towards 2018 and see what lies in store for us weather wise.

2017 Recap

  • The “water year” for California technically runs from October 1 to September 30, and this past year was one of the most wet years on record.
  • Precipitation exceeded 100 inches in higher elevations like the Sierra Nevada Mountains and amounts around 25-50 inches at lower elevations.
  • Snowpack in the mountains has increased dramatically along with reservoir levels with Lake Shasta around 73% full at the beginning of October – 23% higher than usual at that time of the year.
  • The precipitation was the highest on record across the Northern Sierra Mountains and second highest on record in the San Joaquin Valley.
  • As you can see on the drought monitor, this year has been huge in terms of alleviating the drought with 0% of California suffering from severe drought conditions or worse, while this number was almost 60% a year ago.

2018 Forecast

  • La Niña is currently brewing in the Pacific Ocean and is expected to impact California weather.
  • La Niña is the opposite of El Niño, which we have spoken extensively about in the past which can be found here. La Niña typically brings cold and snowy conditions in the Pacific Northwest and drier weather in places like Southern California due to cooler-than-average sea surface temperatures along the equator in the Pacific. This means that we will likely have a dry winter in Southern California, but it may not be a terrible winter for all of California as a whole.
  • With this being said, the future of California weather is still unclear. As for what exactly will happen this year, the federal government’s sharpest weather minds cannot predict whether La Niña will leave California with less rain, more rain, or the normal amount. Looks like we are just going to have to wait and see what happens, but if a dry winter does occur you know La Niña is to blame.
  • If low rain were to occur, parts of California could return to drought like conditions; however, the conditions would be much less severe than they were years ago.

What do you think will happen? Let us know your prediction in the comments.

Trends Driving Pool Popularity

Above is a graph comparing the average United States pool construction growth since 2005 versus our own personal construction growth since 2005. It’s interesting to note our dip slightly before the recession and then a strong upward trend from 2008 to 2014. We like to contribute this success to implementing a strong digital marketing presence; in fact, we became so involved in digital marketing that we created our own company, Omnibeat! In this blog, we will explore other trends that we believe are driving this growth and try to justify the consistent progress we expect in the future. Way to go Nate Trimmer and Team Sunset!

Limitless Possibilities

If you wanted to build a pool 50 years ago then you would have a few different options, but for the most part everyone’s pools were “standard” and similar. However, in today’s market the pool possibilities are infinite and it seems like no two pools look the same anymore. The differences range from major differences like design and materials to minor differences like lighting and water features. The different options available for modern pools are truly astounding, and we think this potential for creativity and uniqueness is helping drive the pool market.

Technological Advancements

New advancements have made pool construction easier for everyone. There are now apps and websites which allow customers to begin visualizing their dream pools virtually. On the other side of it, we have modern technology like shotcrete that makes the pool building process much stronger and more efficient. Beyond this, pool control and maintenance has also become more convenient. Customers can now control their pool temperature and filter from their phones and receive better feedback about the quality of their pool allowing for easier maintenance and upkeep.

Generational Changes

With every new generation comes changes, and we believe that the new generation has brought positive results to the pool business. For one, we have found that pools serve as a great family mecca allowing parents and grandparents to entertain children and grandchildren. These younger children are also playing pool related sports in greater numbers, which is increasing the demand for pools to practice in. Additionally, a large population of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are reaching older ages where pools can be of great health benefit. Pools are a terrific way to exercise while putting minimal pressure on the joints, so pools can be a great workout tool for older generations.


Weather has been another strong influence on the pool business as of recently. In California, weather was a negative influence up until recently as people negatively correlated the drought with pools. However, now that the drought is practically over and we are experiencing nice, warm weather we are seeing a strong demand for pools to help homeowners escape the heat and cool off.

Easier Ways to Pay

Finally, a strong economy is potentially the central influence causing an increase in demand
for swimming pools. You could see in the graph at the beginning that the demand for pools took a sharp decline in 2008-2011 as America recovered from the recession, but our recovered economy is bringing about an increase in pool business. The reason for this partially relates to an increasing per capita disposable income in America, but also to the increased ability to finance pool construction. In this strong economy, you can get an affordable loan in more ways than ever before.

We believe that it is a combination of all these trends that is leading to the positive pool construction growth that you see in the chart at the beginning. We are incredibly thankful for this growth as it allowed us to keep doing what we love: build pools! If you have been seeing similar growth in your business or if you know someone that is looking to join in on the trend and get started on the pool of their dreams then email us and let us know – we love to hear from our amazing customers!

Weather Trends – Forecasts and Predictions…

Every year we hear the weathermen predicting this much rainfall and forecasting weather, but a majority of the time they are completely off in their predictions. Last year was supposed to be the saving year, the year of El Niño, but it ended up being a bust. However, this year it seems like it is raining multiple times a week. In this blog, we will look back on last year’s bust weather and also discuss our recent weather and its implications going for the drought going forward.

Last Year’s Weather

Low Water LevelsEl Niño was a bust. The rare weather pattern was supposed to bring us more rain and possibly lift the pressure off this drought, but that failed to happen. El Niño did help Northern California rebuilding the snowpack, but California only received about 60% of its average rainfall last year. In fact, about 21% of California was categorized as in exception drought at the beginning of this year’s water year at the end of September. However, one benefit of this low rainfall is the result it has had on this year’s weather. The small El Niño has led to a larger La Niña this fall, which is basically El Niño’s opposite.

Rain Patterns

CA Drought Levels

December was the wettest month recorded in downtown Los Angeles since December 2010. The percent of exceptional drought area in California has dropped 3% over the past 3 months and 18% of California is actually no longer considered abnormally dry while this number was 0% 3 months ago. Rain is always expected during this time of the year, but this year we seem to be receiving more than before. This rain is happily welcomed by most as it is only lessening the pressure of the drought. Once again, the drought is nowhere near over but a heavy rain year is always helpful.

Mountain Snow

The end of 2016 saw a huge increase in snowfall that is continuing into 2017. Granted, this snow is expected with the higher rainfall but 2016 saw a 52% increase in snowfall from 2015. Mammoth mountain saw 109 inches of snow in 2013 while 2016 brought 354 inches. This increase in snow is obviously awesome for ski resorts and those of us that love to ski, but this is also great news to the drought. Northern California snow melts and runs off into local giving us more water. Of course, once again this trend needs to continue to make a significant impact on the drought but we always love to see rain and snow.

Everyone thought last year, El Niño, was going to be the year California received a ton of rain and saved us from the drought, but that clearly was not the case. This year has brought us the most rain we have seen in years and all we can do is hope it keeps coming. This weather sure is whacky, as we wrote about in our previous blog, but we do love to see snow and rain. With that being said, this drought will continue for some time to come and we must always make sure we are conserving water and being water efficient.

Wacky Weather

If you are anything like us then you have probably been wondering what is up with this recent weather we have been having. It seems like one day it is gloomy and raining and the next the sun is shining with the perfect weather for a beach day. Some just say that this is typical Southern California weather, but we personally feel like this weather is wackier than ever. Despite being mainly a swimming pool company, we never want our clients to be discouraged by poor weather; thus, we are writing this blog article to talk about other ways you can enjoy your outdoor living space even when the weather is trying to stop you.

Add a Spa

We’ve said it before and we will say it again – there is nothing better than a spa in the winter. Whether it be cold weather or rain, nothing can stop you from enjoying a spa. A spa is a good investment because it can be used year round and can be enjoyed by every age group whether it be young kids, teenagers, or adults. Additionally, a spa does not take much maintenance and can be prepared for usage often remotely in less time than you may think.

Patio Cover

Outdoor KitchenThe awesome thing about Southern California is that even when it rains it is not necessarily cold. Oftentimes it can be warm enough to wear a short sleeve t-shirt outside, yet it will be raining – we find these types of days to be the best days for outdoor patio covers. With a patio cover you can sit outside and listen to the peaceful sound of the rain while remaining completely dry. You can even install a TV or BBQ outside and not worry about water damage or constantly putting on a cover if you have a patio cover.

Fire Feature

Another great way to stay warm in this cold wacky weather is through a fire feature. A fire pit or fireplace may not be of the best use in the rain but sitting outside in the cold next to a warm fire can be very relaxing and enjoyable. A fire feature has a wide range of purposes beyond this as well like roasting marshmallows or adding a nice aesthetic element to your backyard.

Oftentimes we expect year round nice weather because we live in Southern California, but this is not always the case. We recently have been having wacky weather causing us to wear a sweatshirt one day and shorts the next; however, this should not stop you from enjoying your outdoor living space. There are a variety of ways to enjoy your backyard even in the rain, so you should be thankful for the rain and its much needed presence in Southern California rather than resenting it as many people often do.