The Best StayCation Pool Games 🏊👙
06 May 2020

The Best StayCation Pool Games 🏊👙

For our last three posts, we discussed fun Virtual Games, Board &

06 May 2020

For our last three posts, we discussed fun Virtual GamesBoard & Card Games, and Outdoor Games. This time we want to focus on our favorite Pool Games! Pool Games are great for a party of children, but we tried to tailor these games to a smaller crowd for quarantine. Check them out below.

Invisi-Bottle — First, take a clear bottle, remove the wrapper and fill it with pool water. Then, toss the bottle into the pool and when they hear the splash, the players turn around and try to find the bottle. Once the bottle is found, simply line the players up and repeat. It sounds like an easy task, but you will be surprised at how hard it is to find the bottle!

Pirates — Pirates is the perfect game for 2 players. First, grab an odd number of “sticks,” which can be any item from around the house. Then, line the players up on opposite ends of the pool and toss the sticks in the middle. When someone says go, the players race to find the sticks, and the player with the majority of sticks wins. Kids love the competitive nature of this game and will likely want to keep playing for many rounds!

Categories — Categories is a classic game that is best played with more players, but you could still make 2 players work. The person that is “it” stands on the outside of the pool with their back to the pool. This person selects a category, such as favorite color, and begins to guess items, like red, blue, etc. If the player in the pools selection is said then they must swim to the other side of the pool without getting tagged. The best part of the game is when you trick the person who is “it” and make them turn around thinking one player went!

Air Ninja — With one player on the side of the pool, count down and choose an object for them to mimic. It is a great way to get kids to act silly and will surely have everyone laughing. Some of our favorites are choosing various animals and inanimate objects, but the more creative the better!

Cannon Ball or Belly Flop Competition — This one is pretty self-explanatory and can be played with players of all ages. Cannon ball competitions are our personal preference, but if you have the guts to do a belly flop then more power to you. Just make sure someone has the camera out, so you can go viral!

Swimming Pool Fun Time.

Submarine Races — Many of you have probably played Submarine Races, but never knew the name. This involves seeing which player can swim furthest off a push off the wall while remaining underwater. The key to success is a strong push paired with smooth flutter kicks.

F-I-S-H — F-I-S-H is essentially H-O-R-S-E for pool basketball, so a poolside hoop is required for this one. However, since this is in the pool, players can get more creative and make up shots that require jumping in the pool. You will be amazed at what awesome shots your kids can think of and also how long they can keep playing this game!


What are your family’s favorite Pool Games? 

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