The Best StayCation Virtual Games 💻📱
24 Apr 2020

The Best StayCation Virtual Games 💻📱

If you are anything like us, then you have found yourself left with a lot of free time during your StayCation. 

24 Apr 2020

If you are anything like us, then you have found yourself left with a lot of free time during your StayCationWeekend nights out on the town have been replaced by board games and movies. Playing classic games, like Monopoly, Yahtzee, or working on a jigsaw puzzle can be fun for a while, but we are all reaching a point of boredom.

This is why we wanted to take the next few posts to share some of our favorite StayCation activities and hopefully expose our readers to new, fun games.

This week, we are kicking it off with Virtual Games, so you can still keep in contact and play fun games with family and friends, even if you are separated!

Zoom has personally become our family’s new favorite tool to talk and play some of the games below. If you find you are running over Zoom’s free group call 40-minute time frame then you may consider upgrading to Zoom Pro, as we recently did, to get longer and faster video calls for only $150 a year. You may even get a 30% discount if you use the coupon: “KUMON-ZOOM”…


Psych — Psych is a fun, free mobile app that was first designed by Ellen DeGeneres in 2016, but it has gained popularity in quarantine. This hilarious game involves players filling in prompts generated about the other players, followed by all players voting for their favorite prompt. You can find out more about it and download on the App Store or Google Play here.

Zoom Charades — Charades, the classic dinner party game, can easily be played over Zoom, with family and friends. You can play two ways — the first being classic charades where one player acts and the other guesses. Another option, is to play the game similar to Catchphrase, writing a list of words on small pieces of paper that one player then has to go through and explain to the other without saying the actual word, with every correct word counting as a point.

Virtual Board Games — While stuck in quarantine, it seems like everyone is trying to break out the old board game collection only to realize they don’t have the quantity of games they thought they had. One alternative is to play the app version of the game, which can often be faster and more efficient — we put a list of some popular mobile apps you can play with family and friends below. All of the games below have an app that you can download on the App Store or Google Play.

  • Yahtzee, Monopoly, Life, Catan, Risk, and Scrabble aka Words With Friends…


What are some of your family’s favorite games you have been playing virtually?

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