The Future of Pool Heaters ♨️
26 Apr 2018

The Future of Pool Heaters ♨️

Up until now, a mid-80% efficiency for a pool and

26 Apr 2018

eti400Up until now, a mid-80% efficiency for a pool and spa heater was considered very good and the best you could get. However, the ETi 400 is changing that with a 96% thermal efficiency. In this blog, we are going to look at the ETi 400, Pentair’s newest pool spa and heater, and look at the incredible benefits it brings – showing just why it is the future of pool heaters.

Durability and Longevity

The ETi 400 is made of titanium meaning it can withstand conditions that other heaters cannot. High operating temperatures and pool water chemistry can be rough on conventional pool heaters, but titanium allows the ETi 400 to withstand 1,800-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and not corrode when handling chlorine compounds. The titanium coupled with a sound design gives the ETi 400 durability and longevity in doing the job of heating your pool – meaning it will be the best and last heater you ever have to buy for your pool.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

As we mentioned, the ETi pushed the limits for pool heating with a 96% thermal efficiency. This difference in efficiency may not sound like a big deal, but in the end it saves you time and money. The higher efficiency means more energy is going directly into heating your pool which results in a warmer pool in a shorter amount of time. This also means that you are saving precious dollars on your energy bill every month because you are expending less energy heating your pool. On average for a 25,000-gallon pool, the ETi 400 would save $334 a year and reduce CO2 emissions by 3,201 lbs.

heater savingsOld pool heaters could roast a side of beef before your spa got to 100°, but now your spa is 100° before you even have time to change and get a drink! You would be amazed at how far pool technology has come since Sunset first opened in 1948, and we don’t expect the innovation to stop any time soon. This is why we are always making sure we are up to date with the latest pool technology and toys!

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