The Power of Communication – Our Process
30 Jan 2019

The Power of Communication – Our Process

Sunset Designers & Builders has been around for more than

30 Jan 2019

Sunset Designers & Builders has been around for more than 70 years and our expertise is second to none, but it is our communication skills which set us apart from our competitors. We ensure that our clients are informed and up-to-date on all information regarding their project whether it be job progress, materials selection, or any causes for concern. We do this by sending emails informing clients as their project progresses, but also by guaranteeing that we are always a phone call away when a client has any questions or comments both good and bad. In this post, we want to address how we developed this system of communication and why we think communication is so important, especially in the pool business.

John ZahnHow This Communication Started?

We first began sending daily emails to a pair of clients who were both working professionals and were rarely home to survey the jobsite. We found that the best way to communicate with them was through emails recapping the day and asking about any necessary material selection. This constant line of communication kept the clients informed and allowed them to ask any questions or express any concerns despite not being present at the jobsite. We found this technique of daily communication to be incredibly beneficial and the clients truly appreciated the information we provided them. In this way, our increased communication benefited both parties. We then took this strategy and applied it to all our clients, and, while many clients do not need this level of communication, most appreciate it and like to remain informed. We do not expect clients to respond every day but rather we just find comfort in knowing that they receive the information. We have had countless clients tell us that they appreciate our communication skills and claim it made a timely, expensive project like building a pool less stressful and more manageable.

Nate TrimmerWhy Is Communication So Important?

It’s simple – we care about the customer experience. How would you feel if your contractor building your house just decided not to contact you for a week straight? You would feel nervous and frustrated because you have no idea what is happening despite the hefty sum of money you are paying – the same goes for a pool. We understand that customers want to be kept informed on projects for which they are paying for, and it is our duty to maintain this communication. It is for this reason that we place such a high emphasis on communication because we have been in that position of being the customer. We understand that the customer wants to be the first person notified when something happens and wants to be constantly informed regarding the status of their pool and outdoor living space.

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