Using Your Pool to Maximize Real Estate Value
22 Feb 2017

Using Your Pool to Maximize Real Estate Value

It’s no secret that pools increase the real estate value

22 Feb 2017

It’s no secret that pools increase the real estate value of your home. With the nice year-round climate in southern California we are able to keep our pools open year-round, and, thus, pools add significantly more value to your home. There are a few simple steps you must take when selling the house to ensure you get this value. In this blog, we will cover what simple steps you should follow while selling your house in order to make sure your pool adds value rather than turning away customers.


Open up the Pool and Keep It Clean

Pool and SpaNothing would turn away a potential buyer faster than a dirty pool or one that is covered up by a pool cover. When you are looking to put your house on the market you should be keeping your pool as clean as possible. Additionally, you want to ensure you especially clean your pool before an open house and take your pool cover off to show off that beautiful pool that is the centerpiece of your backyard.


Be Prepared

Maintaining a pool is not easy and is also not cheap, and buyers know this. Therefore you want to be upfront about the costs and effort that must go into maintaining a pool; in doing so, you will give the buyers confidence. One thing you may want to consider is having a pool binder that has all the information regarding the pool and previous records along with a list of reputable service companies. This will only further alleviate buyer skepticism and can show the buyers your professionality. Finally, another good idea is to include the pool accessories and equipment you have purchased as part of the deal. Granted if you are moving to a house with another pool then you may want to keep it, but if you are moving to a house without a pool then you will no longer have use for this gear and its addition to the deal will only boost value.


Time it Correctly

girls playing in poolIf you are selling a property with a pool then you should put the house on the market around the beginning of summer. You want the weather to be warm causing your buyers to possibly desire a pool more than they would during the winter months. Plus, nobody wants to buy a pool when it is cold and raining outside. With this being said, if you are in a rush to sell your house then a pool in the winter is not a game changer – it just may prevent you from achieving the maximum value your estate could reach.


A pool can and should add value to your home – all it should take is a few simple actions. By acting helpful and romanticizing your pool, you will boost buyer confidence and as a result boost your real estate value.

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