Water Features Transform the Swimming Pool
20 Aug 2018

Water Features Transform the Swimming Pool

Back in the day, a pool was

20 Aug 2018

Back in the day, a pool was considered cool if it had a diving board. Nowadays, diving boards are nearly non-existent and have been replaced by new, awesome water features. Water features are a must in almost any pool and can totally transform your backyard and house value. In this article, we’ll look at some of the various water features we can install to transform your pool and ‘Outdoor Living’.

Spillway Waterfall

One of our most popular features is the spillway waterfall. They can be installed in a pool or a spa and is a simple, yet elegant touch to any project. Spillway waterfalls look good, can feel good if you are under them, and create a serene, relaxing noise of running water. We have added a copper spill edge to most waterfalls in order to direct the water off the tile face and make it more attractive with better water sounds.


Spitters can be placed anywhere around the edge of the pool and catch the eye of anybody looking at your pool. We once installed crossing spitters which was a fun project to say the least and the end result was awesome.

So, if you currently own a pool and feel that it is missing something then give us a call! Some sort of water feature could surely help boost the functionality and elegance of your pool without having to completely tear up the existing pool. A few subtle additions can make an enormous impact and increase the beauty of your ‘Outdoor Living’.

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