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Starting with the Right Swimming Pool Design

Before any building can begin, the design of the swimming pool must be completed. Sunset Designers & Builders has been a leader in swimming pool design since 1948 and John Zahn, personally, since 1991. The design incorporates the customer’s ideas and vision, the functionality of the space and the best materials to use so that the end result is a stunning Outdoor Living area. Every job comes with a customized digital design, as well as a field layout for the owner’s approval.

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Building Your Design / Dream

The build process is special for every project dependent on the customer’s design and plans. There are many steps to building a pool and at each step Sunset Designers & Builders utilizes highly qualified crews to complete the various components. It is vital that each step is done properly and leads to the preparation of the next stage.

Along the building process, there are inspections from city officials and when using shotcrete, Sunset is required to hire an independent deputy inspector. These inspections are required and Sunset welcomes the extra reviews to make sure things are built properly. Throughout the building process, John and/or a field supervisor manage the various crews. Sunset wants the process to go smoothly and for the customer to be ecstatic with the completed project. We are a highly recommended pool builder in the areas of Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, and Long Beach do not hesitate to contact us!

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Swimming Pool Management

Whether it’s swimming pool management, or if you need help redesigning your background for the ultimate Outdoor Living experience, we’ve got you covered! We are experts in all areas of swimming pool design and Outdoor Living.

Managing Your Project

Sunset Designers & Builders prides itself on how well it manages jobs in progress and communication is a key part of the process. Sunset sends daily status reports to its customers outlining the progress and what to expect next. Whether it is in person with John or by email from Nate in the office, Sunset keeps their customers informed throughout the process. Projects are all nearby the Sunset office so if an issue arises, we act quickly to resolve it and inform everyone. Sunset is always looking to provide better service and welcomes suggestions to do just that.

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Elevated Pools and Spas

Cutting Edge Design

Increasing in popularity is Sunset Designers & Builders innovative pool design, developed by John Zahn, that literally elevates your pool and spa. As the size of home yards decrease and homeowners seek to make better use of their limited space, an elevated pool design makes perfect sense. Elevated pools modify existing pool designs to increase the practicality of the pool and enhance the usefulness, safety and beauty of your Outdoor Living. Sunset Designers & Builders is considered the top elevated swimming pool design company in the areas of Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, and Long Beach.

Benefits of Elevated Pools

Functional – More seating for entertaining.
Safer – Little ones and big ones don’t fall in.
Enjoyable – Swim up with the environment.
Cleaner – Less debris blows into your pool.
Beautiful – Give your pool the wow factor!

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Pool Remodels


Turn your yard into an ‘Outdoor Oasis’ with help from Sunset Designers & Builders, the top swimming pool remodeling company in the Rossmoor and Los Alamitos area. Many pools were built from the 1950s through the 1990s causing most of these older pools to be very tired and worn out. Sunset Designers & Builders can perform a complete facelift with new infrastructure and modern design. This not only increases the functionality of the pool and/or spa, it also improves the aesthetic beauty and saves you money with modern, efficient equipment. Whether a ground level or an elevated design, remodeling a pool is one of the best improvements you can make to your home.

Benefits of Pool Remodeling

Wow Factor – An outstanding design
Save Money – More efficient equipment
Add a Spa – Gets more use than the pool year round
Enhance the Aesthetics – Update Your pool with modern designs and materials