Outdoor Living at It’s Finest!

Southern California weather provides year-round Outdoor Living opportunities. Sunset’s designs transform an ordinary yard into a personal resort that is both visually appealing and functional. Outdoor kitchens, seating, fire features, and water features provide the perfect ambiance for your next “staycation.” Sunset Designers & Builders is widely considered as the best Outdoor Living design contractor in the Los Alamitos area.


Landscaping adds the finishing touches for exceptional Outdoor Living. The integration of softscape and hardscape in Sunset’s designs creates a dynamic contrast that adds life to what could be a blank concrete slate. We develop a design that strategically places the right plant life in the right spot so that the entire space matures in harmony. In Southern California, conservation of water is important and we have become specialists in drought-tolerant landscaping.

Set your project apart from the rest and Go Elevated, Go Sunset!

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Fire Features

Fire features light the night and warm the soul. Provide a spark to fight the chill of the night while enjoying your outdoor living space well into the evening. Sunset’s clients often share that the magic dance of firelight is reminiscent of their childhood times by the campfire and helps them relax in comfort.

Water Features

How can a sparkling pool of water become more interesting? Add more water, of course! Sunset’s water features are great additions to a pool design. By including an attractive water feature with a pool and spa, you can add visual interest and the tranquil sound of running water. Water features range from classic cascading spillways to natural babbling brooks to modern spitters, and many more.

We service areas of Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, and Long Beach. The zip codes we service are 90803, 90814, 90815, 90720, and 90740.