Dogs in Swimming Pools

dog in pool

As it gets warmer you will likely start swimming more often, and you may be tempted to bring your dog in the pool with you. If you have one, however, before you do this you should know a few things and take some precautions. This blog will discuss the tradeoffs of dogs swimming in your pool, so you can know whether or not swimming is a good fit for your dog. Also, don’t miss a clip of Nate’s adorable new puppy (who’s not so much of a puppy anymore) Ragnar at the end of the blog.

Make Sure Your Dog Can Swim

People commonly assume that all dogs are natural swimmers, but this is not true. Some breeds of dogs instinctively doggy paddle when placed in water, but other breeds that are top heavy with short legs cannot swim well and will be at harm in a pool. Some examples of breeds that can’t swim are bulldogs, dachshunds, pugs, and boxers just to name a few. Thus, before you go throwing your dog into the pool trying to get it to swim, you should check to make sure your dog can swim by researching and testing their swimming abilities in shallow water.

Is It Safe for Dogs in Chlorine Pools?

Chlorine is not inherently dangerous for dogs, but, like many other things, the hazards of chlorine are dose dependent. Dogs’ eyes, ears, and noses are more sensitive than humans, so they may be more irritated by the chlorine than you. However, for the most part chlorine pools are safe for dogs, as long as they are not drinking the water in large amounts.

Be Wary of Shedding

Different breeds of dogs have various levels of shedding, but if your dog sheds heavily then its hair may pollute your pool and clog your filtration system if it goes swimming. After all, nobody wants to go swimming and come out covered in dog hair. If your dog does shed heavily and you still want to allow it to swim then just try to brush it ahead of time to limit shedding in the pool.

Maybe Opt for A Kiddie Pool

Maybe your dog sheds too much or maybe it can’t swim well, but it still wants to swim. Well, a kiddie pool can be the perfect solution. Dogs can have plenty of fun in kiddie pools while remaining safe and keeping your pool nice and clean.

In the end, the decision about whether to let your dog go swimming depends on the type of dog. If you have a dog that loves to swim, doesn’t shed, and can swim well then let them jump in the pool and join the family. However, if your dog sheds heavily, cannot swim, or maybe hates swimming then you should avoid bringing them in the pool and maybe opt for a kiddie pool instead. Having your dog in the pool can be a great experience, but like most other things you always should be careful and make sure you take precaution.

Ragnar In Pool

Watch Ragnar having a blast in his pool.

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