Drought: Water, Use it Wisely
08 Oct 2014

Drought: Water, Use it Wisely

There is no doubt that Southern California is in a

08 Oct 2014

There is no doubt that Southern California is in a severe drought. We rely on water coming mostly from other places and some from our local artesian well water. We are big consumers of water and it is a problem during this current situation.

With the drought and water conservation in mind, I decided to remove my lawn and not replace it with plastic artificial turf. Although artificial turfs have gotten better, I’m sorry but it is still plastic and not how I like to do things. I have continued the drought tolerant theme of the landscaping into the lawn area of the yard.

The lawn area now has primarily rock and stone to cover the ground with no requirement of water. I then placed sporadic drought tolerant plants and succulents that once established will live off of a very, very low consumption of water.


Ironically, the day we were first killing the lawn and preparing for this transformation we saw the park across the street watering the lawn. As you can see, they are going absolutely nutty with the amount of water needed to keep that grass alive. I am sorry to say it but it seems that for every gallon of water I save, the park across the street is wasting 20 gallons. We all still have to put in our part.


If you would like some assistance with making your yard drought tolerant and head in a fun and different direction, we are here to assist you. Call John directly at (562) 881-6000.

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