Getting Your Kids in the Pool
10 Aug 2016

Getting Your Kids in the Pool

A pool is a great way to improve a backyard,

10 Aug 2016

A pool is a great way to improve a backyard, but, let’s be honest, nobody builds a pool just to look at it. Pools are meant for swimming and to have fun in – the perfect environment for kids. However, these days kids would rather play Pokémon Go than go swimming. If you have a pool and feel like your kids aren’t using it to its full extent, then check out the tips below on how to get your kids in the pool.

Weekly Pool Parties

The pool party can be for just your family or with other kids from around the neighborhood; regardless, a pool party is a great way to get the most out of your pool. It doesn’t have to be anything big and elaborate, rather just mark a date on the calendar and plan a small party. Simply invite some people, grill up some food, and turn on some music and you have yourself a pool party that will surely encourage your kids to jump in.

Swim Lessons

This one’s for younger kids, but swim lessons are a great way to get your kid swimming and loving pools. Swim lessons can be in your pool or at a separate location. Watersafe Swim School is a good, neutral location option and is located across the street from Los Alamitos High School and next to Volcano Burger. is one website you can check out if you’re more interested in having swimming lessons in your pool.

Pool Toys and Games

Pool toys and games are two great ways to get your kids to play in the pool. Toys can range from floaties to basketball hoops and simple games like Marco Polo can even be exciting. Check an upcoming blog for more toys and games that people of any age can enjoy. What are your kids’ favorite pool games? Comment below and we may include your kids’ favorite game in our blog.

Underwater Photos

There are various ways to take underwater photos whether it be with a GoPro, Lifeproof case, or cheap underwater camera. Underwater pictures can turn out to be super cool and kids are sure to love them, whether they want to post the pics on their Facebook, Instagram, or simply just look at the photos.

Build a Mecca in your Backyard

Don’t you want your kids in your backyard? From young and learning to swim to home from college on summer break, I’ve loved that my kids and their friends want to hang out at “Casa de Zahn.” It’s more fun for us too and brings peace of mind knowing where they are and what they are doing.

Children are very precious! You only get a few chances at raising them, so you want to make sure you make the most of the time you have with them. Watching your kids grow up is truly a miraculous thing and there’s nothing better than sitting poolside watching them play on a hot summer day – this is why you need to follow a few of these steps and get your kids in the pool. 

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