How Long Should You Stay in the Spa
08 Nov 2017

How Long Should You Stay in the Spa

A few weeks ago, we wrote a

08 Nov 2017

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog about the health benefits of your spa. However, in that blog we mentioned that you only receive those benefits if you stay in the spa for the right amount of time. In this blog, we will talk about what we consider to be the right amount of time to spend in the spa and what conditions impact this length of time.

External Temperature

It may feel better to soak in the spa when it’s cold outside, but this is not necessarily the best environment for your body. The transition from a spa to a cold temperature causes the body to cool itself too quickly which can result in dizziness. On the other hand, higher temperatures allows your body to cool itself slower and makes the adjustment back to normal temperature much easier. Thus, you can stay in the hot tub longer when the outside temperature is hotter despite how nice it may feel to remain in the hot tub on a cold winter night.

Spa Temperature

Most hot tubs reach maximum temperatures around 104 degrees Fahrenheit preset by the heater, as any temperature over this heat can lead to concern. 104 degrees may feel great and relaxing for some, but by turning the temperature down just a degree or two you are able to safely stay in the spa for a much longer time.

How Deep You Sit

If you sit with the water up to your neck then odds are you are going to overheat rather fast and want to leave the spa. Whereas if you sit with the water to around chest level then you will be much better off. I personally enjoy alternating my position to prevent overheating thus allowing myself to stay in the spa for a longer, more enjoyable time.

Other Conditions

One of the other main reasons to shorten spa time is alcohol consumption. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink in the spa, if you are drinking a lot then you should avoid the spa because it dehydrates you and can lead to dizziness and unexpected increased intoxication. Health conditions like pregnancy or a heart condition are another good reason to limit spa time. Finally, children should spend less time in the spa because their smaller bodies make it harder for their bodies to readjust their body temperature to normal levels.

Final Verdict

As a general rule of thumb, 20 minutes is about the right amount of time you should soak with a maximum of 30 minutes. Beyond this point the spa begins to dry out your skin and overheat your body. Everyone is different, so you can soak for as long as you feel comfortable hypothetically. However, health studies have just suggested that the best time for soaking is up to 20 minutes if you want to receive the best health benefits.

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