Pump Up Your Outdoor Sound System with SonArray
23 Mar 2018

Pump Up Your Outdoor Sound System with SonArray

I recently had a SonArray SR1 landscape

23 Mar 2018

I recently had a SonArray SR1 landscape audio system installed in my backyard, and the stereo system has completely transformed my backyard musically! The SonArray SR1 system is heard and not seen, as the speakers provide clear high-quality sound without taking aesthetic appeal away from your landscape. With the SonArray system, I can host guests and play music at a volume that will neither disrupt a conversation or upset my neighbors! The combination of quality and flexibility that SonArray offers sets it apart as the best outdoor sound system on the market.

Higher Quality

The SonArray SR1 is a sound system consisting of a subwoofer speaker and satellite speakers – all of which are composed of only the highest quality materials. These speakers work together to deliver amazing sound quality at perfectly even volume level – similar to the experience of surround sound speakers indoors. The subwoofer is strong, yet smooth leading to a perfect pairing of bass with clarity. On top of this, the amplifier provided with the SonArray SR1 system utilizes built-in presets to minimize the time spent testing the system and maximizing the sound quality. In the end, all of this is a bunch of jargon attempting to convey the amazing sound quality that the SonArray SR1 system provides. If you don’t believe me, ask to hear for yourself! I am glad to show you a demo at my home!

Sound System Layout

The SonArray SR1 is unique because of its layout within your backyard. The subwoofer is placed in a central location, and the satellite speakers are dispersed evenly across the perimeter. This way you won’t be pointing your speakers at your neighbor but back towards your own home – that way you can keep both your neighbors and guests happy! The SonArray SR1 speakers are also designed to be hidden, so it appears that the incredible sound is coming out of thin air! The subwoofer is partially buried under the ground, while the 8 speakers are compact and on stakes that easily camouflage in the foliage. This combination of quality, layout, and concealment makes this speaker system one of a kind and is sure to blow away any guests you may host!

Personal Experience

The reason I rave about the SonArray SR1 system is because I recently installed the system in my own backyard. I love hosting friends in my backyard, so I love having a good sound system to keep everyone pleased. In the past, I have always felt that my speaker system was lacking and not able to provide the level of quality that is possible indoors. The SonArray SR1 System changes this though – the quality of the sound it provides is truly magical and is nothing like I have been able to find in the past.

Give your ears a test drive! Call me now at (562) 881-6000 or respond to this email!

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